Break Your Psychic Ties!

Still infatuated with your ex? Or perhaps you still feel angry with a friend years after they wronged you? It's time to cut those psychic cords!

 In this article we look at 6 ways you can cut the etheric cords that could be holding you back.

Are you still infatuated with your ex? Perhaps you still feel angry with a friend years after they wronged you? It's time to cut those psychic cords! Psychic cords are the energetic ties that connect you to other people. The world and everything in it is linked on an energetic level. So every time you interact with somebody you are exchanging energy. In a relationship that energy exchange becomes lasting bonds, called psychic or etheric cords.

Sometimes psychic cords can be beneficial, such as in a nurturing relationship or friendship. But other times psychic ties can attach you to people and situations you've outgrown and stop you from moving forward.

Psychic cords can bind you mentally, emotionally and physically (through intimacy) to another person. Love and friendship are positive psychic ties, yet even these can be come unhealthy if you are dependant upon the other person. Broken relationships, jealousy, anger, control and grief are examples of negative psychic cords that can be binding. Physical distance from a person you want to cut psychic cords with is essential, although sometimes this isn't possible or the cord endures despite the distance between you. In which case you'll need to cut the cord yourself!

How to cut the cord

Don't worry, it's not difficult. Like much energy work, all you have to do is focus your intention. Ask your guardian angel to cut the cord for you. Your angel can't do it without your permission because s/he can't act without your invitation.

*So sit in a quiet, safe space and say out loud or in your mind:

'I ask that my angel come forward to cut the etheric cord that binds me to X. Please free both of us from this bond for ever. I ask that my angel dissolves this bond. May the energy be transmuted to mother earth where it harms none. I thank my angel for this assistance.'

*As you say the words, visualise the psychic cord running from your body. It could run from your head, your heart, your stomach or somewhere else - it's unique to you. As you say the words, imagine the cord becoming thinner and weaker as your angel dissolves it. See the cord disappear. Know you are free!

6 Signs your psychic cord needs cutting

1) You can't let go of an ex-lover

The most common psychic tie is to a former romantic partner. You've broken up but you can't stop thinking about him/her. You can't imagine being happy again without him/her. Perhaps your ex keeps contacting you, asking to meet one more time. Or perhaps it's you who keeps looking at your ex's social media page. A psychic tie to a past relationship will prevent you from finding happiness in the future. So cut that cord!

2) You're jealous

Jealousy of a person or a situation forms a negative psychic tie between you and them. This psychic tie will weigh you down, sapping your energy and taking your concentration away from constructive pursuits. Release your jealousy by cutting the cord and re-focus your energy on creating something new and positive.

3) You are bound to your grief

Grief is a healthy process that enables you to deal with loss. You are not expected to ever 'get over' some types of loss. It will always be with you. However, being bound to sadness and heartache, years after a loss, is a psychic tie you need to cut. Not to forget your loss, but to cut the ties to the pain. So you can begin to remember the good times, lessons and joy you experienced from this person or situation before the loss.

4) You're social media obsessed

Whether it's a colleague, an ex, a friend or a celebrity - you just can't stop checking their social media pages. You compulsively click on other people's pictures. Perhaps you feel envy, or just curiosity or a desire for drama or gossip. By doing this you are creating a psychic tie between you and them - and it's not healthy! You can become so obsessed by peering into other people's lives that you neglect to create your own. Cut that cord.

5) You live in the past

You constantly replay past events or conversations in your mind, worrying that you made a mistake or said something wrong. You hold onto criticism and imagine people are judging you. By doing this you are creating a psychic tie between you and negative events in your past. The more you think about the negatives the stronger the ties become, binding you to your past and preventing you from moving forward. Stop obsessing over the past and concentrate on the present and future.

6) You've suffered trauma

Any kind of trauma, from an accident to abuse to crimes can have a big impact on your energetic body as well as your physical and emotional self. Through no fault of your own, you can become psychically tied to the trauma. This makes it harder to recover emotionally. Ask your angel to dissolve any psychic and emotional ties to past traumatic events and you will heal.

Seeking insight and clarity?

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