Change your life!

As you wake up to the beginning of the year, you're probably wondering how you can change and improve your life in the coming year. January is a month for transformation and opportunity in all areas of life.

Change your life!

How to have a spiritual New Year


As you wake up to the beginning of the year, you're probably wondering how you can change and improve your life in the coming year. January is a month for transformation and opportunity in all areas of life. It's a chance to start over, to make new choices and to set the tone for a happier year.


People usually think about new starts in January being about dieting or giving up alcohol - all of which are beneficial. But even better is to begin making lasting changes to your mental outlook and behaviour, which you can build on throughout the year. These small, simple changes will have a positive impact on all aspects of your life and of the lives of those around you.


Making you more successful and happier, these little changes in thought and behaviour are your roadmap to becoming more spiritual this year. Each morning when you wake up, think of one quality, for example 'be optimistic', and be mindful of it throughout the day. Try to incorporate this quality into your day wherever possible.


Your Spiritual Roadmap:


*Be Kind

Treat others with kindness and you will receive kindness back. If you approach a situation with aggression, others will be defensive or aggressive back. But if you tread softly in your words and deeds you will create a happier outcome. Don't assume somebody is against you, instead assume they are just as confused or upset as you are and act with compassion. Think about extending your kindness to strangers. A smile, a thank you, an excuse me or a sorry goes a long way to making the world a more pleasant place.


*Be optimistic

If you think the world is a miserable, dangerous place - that's what you'll experience. But if you step outside everyday expecting the best, then you are more likely to have a happy day. Obviously, sometimes things don't turn out the way you hoped but think how you can turn those situations around. See opportunity in situations, instead of difficulties. Look for solutions instead of dwelling on problems.


*Be loving

In your personal relationships, be sure to treat your loved ones with respect and compassion. Think before you speak. If necessary, walk away until you are able to respond without anger. Don't take your nearest and dearest for granted. Thank them, often, for the little things they do for you. Behave respectfully and remember love brought you together but you have to nurture that love everyday for it to last.


*Be grateful

Think of all the blessings you already have in your life and be grateful for them. Once you realise that you have so much you take for granted you will really begin to experience a positive shift in your thinking. Instead of wanting more, build on the positive personal qualities or talents you already have to carve out a better life.


*Be knowledgeable

Don't believe what people tell you, instead find out for yourself. Accepting tradition is to go through life wearing a blindfold. Read sources from opposite ends of the spectrum so you can take in both sides of the debate. Read opinions you disagree with. Challenge yourself to justify your views. Imagine yourself being in the shoes of somebody you dislike - how would you feel? What would you do?


*Be generous

Offer help when you can. Generosity does not have a monetary value. You can be generous with your time, your skills, and your company. Help a neighbour, spend time with a lonely person, tidy up the home or garden of a relative who is ill.


*Be joyful

You can be miserable or you can be happy and content with what you have - or working towards this positive goal. It's your choice. Find the positive, constructive things that make you happy in life and practice them often. Do one thing per day that makes you feel content or happy. Joy is infectious. So if you start looking for the positives and enjoying life - those around you will, too.


*Be dynamic

Don't just sit around waiting for your life to transform. Get out there and make it happen! Learn new skills on a course, join local groups to make friends, look for a new job or mend a family relationship. You make your own fortune.


*Be thrifty

Sharing this beautiful planet is a privilege. But wastefulness and over-consumption are using up the Earth's resources. Play your own part in conserving resources by always recycling, never buy more than you need, never drop litter, and donate unwanted clothes and other items to charity. Be mindful of planet Earth and tread lightly.


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