Simple Ways To Stop Over Thinking

Over thinking, particularly about the negative stuff, can make you stressed and can also impact on your health and wellbeing.

Simple Ways To Stop Over Thinking


When you pause to consider how the mind works – it runs constantly – it’s not surprising that we over think. Whether you are aware of it or not, your mind is ultra busy and thinking about what you’re going to have for lunch today, the conversation that you had with your best friend last night, and a jumble of other things. On top of that, there is the ‘worry’ that continually fuels your mind into action and an endless loop of analyzing and over thinking.

You may have tried, on numerous occasions, to shut your mind down or to focus on just one thing, but it tends to ignore your commands. Over thinking, particularly about the negative stuff, can make you stressed and can also impact on your health and wellbeing.

To control your thinking you need to make 5 smart moves.

  1. Focus On The Positive

Although your mind may love to think about things that stress you out and get you worried, there are lots of positive things that it can focus on instead. Your memory is packed full of your happy, joyful and pleasurable experiences, and you can revisit these whenever you like.

Create a new habit by dipping into your memory bank and pulling out a positive memory to think about. When a worrying thought begins whirling around inside your head, take your focus and place it on a positive and happy experience. If you can’t think of good times in the past, switch off your negative thoughts by thinking about something that recently made you smile. This could be your children playing, or something funny and entertaining that you watched on TV. The trick is to nip negativity in the bud.

  1. Be Present In The Moment

Being mindfully present encourages you to control your mind by focusing on what you are doing in the now. If you are washing dishes in the kitchen sink, focus all of your attention on the task. Look at the soapy suds as if you are seeing them for the very first time. Pay attention to the pots and pans you are washing – notice their weight and their shape. Take a look out of the window and admire the view. Everything that you are concentrating on is keeping you present, and allowing no room for over thinking.

  1. Take Your Mind On An Adventure

Get outside and enjoy the weather. Come rain or shine, nothing beats the great outdoors for clearing the mind. Take a wander or a hike in nature and reconnect yourself. A walking meditation is smoothing for over active minds, and helps you to let go of stress, anxiety and worries. Being by the ocean has a similar calming and unwinding effect.

  1. Express Freely

Sometimes you have so much going on inside your head that the only way to make any sense of it is to write things down. Grab a pad of paper and a pen, and let your mind lead the way. Write down all of your random thoughts so that they no longer reside in your mind. You don’t have to immediately read what you have written. Leave your notes for a while and come back to them later on. You’ll be able to decipher your thoughts more clearly. If you have something on your mind, expressing yourself in written form also helps you to find a solution to your problem.

  1. Get In The Zen Zone

If you practice meditation regularly you will already be familiar with just how effective it can be, when you are over thinking. The next time your head is a muddle, take time out to get in the Zen zone. You’ll quickly feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders.


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