Take back your Power

It's easy to become empowered because it's your natural state. All you need is to be honest with yourself and to take action to make a change. Learn how to take back your personal power.

Take back your Power

Find out how to get back in control of your life


Do you always feel as if something is holding you back from achieving your dreams? If only you had more money; if only you had a better relationship; if only you could meet a life partner; if only you could get a better job. Until you realise that the only thing holding you back is yourself, you'll always be stuck wishing and hoping but never actually achieving what you want. It's easy to become empowered because it's your natural state. All you need is to be honest with yourself and to take action to make a change. Learn how to take back your personal power.



*Don’t let other people define you

If you rely on other people to make all the decisions in your life, you are giving away your personal power. You won't be able to improve your life because you are the only one who can make the choice to change your life for the better. You are an individual so stop looking to others to fix your problems for you. If you give your power away, you'll never be able to reach your goals. Seek advice from others but make the decisions about your life yourself. It's great to work as a team but growing your self-reliance is what will make a difference to your life.


*Clear out old beliefs

Are your beliefs holding you back? Take a look at what you believe about yourself and chuck out anything that's no longer relevant or helpful. Whether that's emotional baggage from your family, or being stuck in a toxic relationship because you're sure you can't do any better. Don't hold on to ideas out of habit. Were you told what you should believe as a child? Have you ever questioned those beliefs or just blindly followed? Think for yourself! Did a teacher once tell you were no good at maths/English/history/sport? Don't believe it, you've changed and grown since those days. If you want to explore something or look at alternatives don't let what people have told you in the past hold you back. Think about what you are passionate about and build new more positive beliefs around that idea.


*Trust yourself

You can do it. Yes, you can! If you don't trust yourself or believe in your own abilities, how can you expect anyone else to do so? Listen to your inner voice or intuition and follow where it leads you. All the knowledge and power you need is already inside you, just waiting for you to unlock it. Identify your strengths and talents - and don't be afraid to use them.


*You are stronger

Everyone faces hurdles in life - many people face trauma too. From illness, rough childhoods to accidents and crime: the people who make it through this trauma are those who refuse to be victims. Don't ignore your trauma - deal with it with a medical professional. But then move forward in the knowledge that you are stronger, shaped by life events. To come through traumatic events means you are stronger than ever before and you can deal with anything life throws your way.



*Create your reality

Understand that you create your own reality. Your choices define how you experience life. So by altering your choices, you can transform your life at any time. Start now.

Are you happy with your life right now? If not, why not? What can you do to begin to change it? You might not be able to transform everything immediately, but you can start chipping away at what you don't like, replacing it with more positive aspects.


*Face your fears

What are you afraid of? We're not talking spiders or horror films, here. Instead, this means what is holding you back from achieving your dreams? Do you feel as if you have no time, or money or you are weighed down by everyday responsibilities? These are all things you can change - not get rid of, perhaps, but alter slightly. Admitting to yourself what's holding you back is the first step to changing it and transforming your life for the better.


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