Paranormal Canada

Hidden within the spectacular scenery of Canada's towering mountains, numerous deep, blue lakes and dark, mysterious forests lurk myths and legends of fantastical beasts.

Paranormal Canada

Take a look at the home-grown legends of this vast nation


Hidden within the spectacular scenery of Canada's towering mountains, numerous deep, blue lakes and dark, mysterious forests lurk myths and legends of fantastical beasts. Many stories of these creatures date back thousands of years to the rich mythological culture of Canada's First Nations. Other tales are more modern in nature, coming out of its urban centres from a recent settler past. This fusion of cultures makes for a fascinating mix of mythological monsters - none of whom you'd want to encounter on a lonely road at night!


The Wendigo

Watch out for the Wendigo because he wants to gobble you up! This truly terrifying monster comes from First Nations' myth, probably from the Algonquin tribes of the Great Lakes region. It is a tall, emaciated fur-covered creature, walking on two legs, who has an insatiable hunger for human flesh. The Wendigo can possess people who are weakened by wicked thoughts or deeds and induce them to become cannibals. In some legends, this horror was once a human who was twisted by avarice and gluttony into this monster. Perhaps this legendary beast was imagined as a fable warning to people against grasping greed and lust for money and possessions.



Attracting monster seekers to its watery lair, this creature of the deep has been enshrined in First Nation myth for centuries. Supposedly living in Lake Okanagan in British Columbia, Ogopogo is said to have a horse-shaped head on a 50 ft long serpent-like, humped body. Visitors flock to the lake to try and capture an image of the elusive creature on camera. Native peoples call it Naitaka, which means Lake Devil. But this big beast is said to appear to be shy and gentle in demeanour whenever it is spotted. So no need to be afraid of Ogopogo.



Its name means 'hairy man' or 'wild man', and it resembles a large unidentified species of ape, which roams quiet corners of the Canadian landscape. Could this ape be the missing link between humans and our ape cousins? One well-recognised Sasquatch has been named Old Yellow Top because of his impressive flowing blond fur. He is said to lope around in Ontario surprising locals and tourists alike. Sometimes mistaken for a bear, Old Yellow Top is not aggressive, although he has been known to growl if you get to close for comfort.



The stuff of nightmares, this giant wolf is said to be capable of tearing off a person's head with one snap of its monstrous jaws. Reputed to be prehistoric throwbacks, Waheelas have stand 4 ft tall, with wide heads, and long white fur. These freaky canines are said to slink about in the Northwest Territories, especially the Nahanni Valley, so perhaps avoid going there alone unless you want to become a big doggie's dinner!



In the deep blue waters of Lake Champlain, a serpent-like creature has been spotted gliding along the surface. First sighted in the mid 1800s, the monster has a hankering to be famous. So Champ allows himself to be caught on camera more than any other of his fellow lake monsters. A 2008 film by two local fishermen showed intriguing footage of a huge snake-like creature just below the surface of the water.


Lizard Man

Lurking in Lake Thetis on Vancouver Island is said to be a reptilian humanoid monster! Resembling a creature from a science fiction film, this modern myth sprung up in the 1970s. Four men reportedly saw the lizard man, complete with webbed toes and fingers, with one man even being slashed on the hand by the angry monster. Whether this was a hoax or case of mistaken identity is unclear. Another person reported having lost his pet lizard in the area a year earlier. So perhaps the men mistook a 4 ft. pet lizard for an alien invader...


Loup Garou

In a country where packs of wolves still roam freely, it's not surprising that these fearsome canines have more than one myth attached to them. In contrast to the giant but mortal Waheela, the Loup Garou is a supernatural beast. Better known as a werewolf, this very scary creature transforms from human into slavering man-hound. Usually targeting livestock, the Loup Garou is not averse to a dessert course of human flesh.


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