Do you believe in Fairies?

You feel a strange sensation, either peacefulness or a surge of energy. The reason for this feeling? You could be sensing the presence of fairy folk!

Do you believe in Fairies?

Discovering the truth about the little people


You stumble upon spectacular scenery during your morning walk, such as a fast running stream or snow-topped mountains or emerald green hills. Looking at this magical place, you feel a strange sensation, either peacefulness or a surge of energy. The reason for this feeling? You could be sensing the presence of fairy folk!

Fairies are often thought of as tiny, delicate creatures with magic wands and gossamer wings. Nothing could be further from the truth. The word 'fairy' describes many different types of elemental spirits, whose destiny is tied to the landscape. Fairies are nature spirits who embody the landscape around them. Traditionally called 'the little people' or 'the hidden people', fairies are the spirits of the land, guardians of the trees, the hills, the rocks, the streams and sacred wells. Some fairies are beautiful and elegant in appearance, others are grotesque and thick-set: both types have the potential to hinder or help humans. All are fierce guardians of nature and the land.


Scary fairy!

This supernatural race of miniature beings have the power to bless or blight humans who come across them. These elemental spirits were thought to control the success or failure of the harvest - so holding the survival of humans in their tiny hands. Fairies could steal away a person who caught their eye to fairyland never to return. Evil fairies could steal a human baby from its crib and replace it with a fairy baby - a changeling. Yet, many of the scary fairy stories were popularised by the early church, seeking to turn people away from the old beliefs. In folklore, fairies would most often work to help humans at home and in the field, to ensure the land was cultivated and life's cycles continued undisturbed. It was only when people abused natural resources that the terrible wrath of the fairy nature guardians was awakened.



Could you see a fairy?

Here are some signs one of the fey folk is close by:


*Fairy rings

If you're out on a walk, you might spot a fairy ring. This is when plants have grown, naturally, in a perfect circle. You can often find circles of wild flowers, trees or mushrooms in fields. These circles are said to grow where fairies have danced. And the circles attract the fey folk back to continue their wild dancing. Never disturb a fairy ring as the little people will be displeased! But you could keep watch nearby and, you never know, you might just spot a fairy.



Streams and well are another popular place to see a fairy. The energy of running water attracts the fey folk, and water fairies often stand guard over running water. Leave an offering of a shiny bead or small piece of crystal for the water fairies and they might just show themselves to you.




*Hills & mountains

Deep inside the earth, under hills and mountains is a favoured dwelling place of many types of fairy. It's natural for these spirits of the earth to make their home inside earthy hills and mountains. Earth is the element of dwarves, gnomes and brownies. These hardy little creatures can be of great help to humans - but you have to be respectful! Leave an offering of bread and milk, then sit a distance away and watch to see if the spirits reveal themselves!


*Mischief at home

If you are constantly finding household items, such as coins, keys, books or kitchenware is being moved around your home - and you're certain no human is to blame - perhaps you have a fairy living in your home! Don't panic because domestic elementals are very friendly, and although they can be mischievous, they generally try to help. Moving items around is a sign the fairy is trying to get your attention. It just wants to be acknowledged. So leave it a small offering every night of bread and milk. You'll find you luck seems to turn for the better with a fairy in the house.


*Astral plane

Fairies exist in physical form on the earth, but their consciousness belongs on the astral plane. This is a spiritual plane of existence home to angels and spirits. You can reach the astral plane while dreaming. Just before bedtime, try writing about the fairy you want to meet. Imagine its appearance and the conversation you'd like to have. Then put this writing under your pillow. Think about your written words as you drift off to sleep, and you might manage to meet a fairy in your dreams.



Types of fairies:

Fairies come in many shapes and sizes. Here are some of them.



Often young and beautiful, these shape-shifting spirits dwell in trees and meadows. Usually friendly and wise, elves want to pass on their wisdom to humans. But if mistreated, their anger can be terrible.



Small but sturdy with worn, wrinkled appearances, gnomes are earth elementals who live under-ground. Their presence is felt in modern culture as many people have a statue of a gnome as a lawn ornament in their garden. This is because gnomes will help guard the outside of your home from evil - both the human and spirit type.



These supernatural spirits are guardians of the home. They are small and thick-set with curly hair. You are lucky if you have one at home as they love to help out with small household tasks. But they are very shy so don't try to watch your brownie at work. Keep him happy by leaving out an offering of porridge and honey for him every night.


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