Aquarius Horoscope

20 Jan - 18 Feb

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April 2020

Your love life takes on a more comforting and cossetting feel as March makes way for April; if you're single, you'll have to accept that maybe present restrictions will limit your options. If you're in a relationship, splash out on a lavish gift for your lover. Buy them a token of your affection that is both precious and beautiful. Don't push a relative into a decision on the 7th, or they'll always resent you for it. A disappointing legal decision could be made on the 8th, due to a stressful Full Moon. Instead of dwelling on this setback, change tack and make some new plans. You'll get such positive, morale-boosting feedback on your careful and considerate contributions to all decisions near the 19th; that you'll feel like you're making a very positive difference. It's important to indulge in sensual pleasures on the 21st, even if you're on a tight budget. Depriving yourself of life's little luxuries will make you tired and tetchy. The New Moon on the 23rd is good for forward planning. There might not be a lot you can do right now, but you are ready for when the future opens up once again. An angry outburst on the 26th will be tiring, but liberating.


Wednesday 8th of April 2020

You're finding the current situation extremely disorientating. Like many, your way of life has been turned upside down and you're feeling stifled. This time cooped up and isolated at home has made you think about a future move to somewhere more welcoming and accepting of your wild ideas. You may have to work your way through a pile of official paperwork, but a chance encounter with a kind official will make this process less daunting. It will be nice to live somewhere that compliments your creativity.


Week beginning Monday 6th of April 2020

You might find it hard to relax when there is so much going on around you. You can't hear yourself think in this whirlwind of news and views. Because of this, you could do with a quiet corner where you can rest and dream. If there isn't a place you can call your own, now is the time to find one. Romantic plans need careful thought. Commitments have prevented you from seeing your amour as much as you would like and it would help to explain this to your partner.

About Aquarius

Information about your birth sign


Aquarius is the eleventh zodiac sign, and the last of the clever and intellectual air signs. You are traditionally ruled by Saturn, and co-ruled by Uranus in modern day. Uranus is new, quirky and non-conformist. You like new, quirky and non-conformist, so it's a good fit.

The other planets are all named after Roman Gods, Uranus is named after a Greek one. The planets all orbit a certain uniform way, but not Uranus, because its axis of rotation is tilted sideways. All very unique, but then so are you!

You are the thinker and the humanitarian of our zodiac. You have an independent, eccentric, inventive and original spirit and usually no desire whatsoever to conform. You're happy to be different.

Your outlook is futuristic but, if Mercury is close to your Sun, you can be quite unchanging in your opinions. You have difficulty grasping the viewpoints of others, once you've made your mind up, like the other fixed signs, little can change it.

Yours is a fixed sign, change doesn't always come easy, so there's a dilemma. You're inventive, you want to discover new and different ways of doing things, but then you might find that you're not too keen to adapt and try them.

Aquarius rules over our wider associations and the groups that we belong to, and you're sure to belong to a group of a club. You're innately a team player, you feel energised and happy when you're part of the crowd. Some say that you're difficult to get close to, you're not inclined to discuss your feelings, although you're knowledgeable and happy to discuss everything and anything else.

You can be eccentric, idealistic and unpredictable, but as a friend or partner, you are friendly, faithful, unswerving and steadfast. You're not shallow in your affections but you don't wear your heart on your sleeve either. You love truly and deeply, you don't feel the need to voice sentiment often but you're generous to those you love and your gifts are often well chosen, if not inspired.

There are many professions you might enjoy, none of them are solitary. You prefer to work independently at whatever you do, you don't like to have anyone watching over your shoulder, but you do prefer to work as part of a team. You're probably popular among your co-workers.

Technology and computers belong to your sign, yet your symbol is a man pouring water from an Urn. Water is the source of life, and in older pictures, the man was often represented as an angel. Perhaps an Aquarian artist changed the angel to an old man, because you can be an angel and modest about it.

You get along best with the other air signs, Gemini and Libra, and also well with the fire signs, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. Although the other planets in your horoscope will all have their say and mitigate how you express your Aquarius energy and who you get along well with.

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