Cancer Horoscope

21 Jun - 22 Jul

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April 2020

A romantic encounter on the 4th will make you feel like you're making a fresh start. If you're single, you might meet someone special in a cultivated, cultured secluded setting. If you let your best friend or lover introduce you to something exotic on the 5th; you'll be in for a delightful surprised. The Full Moon on the 8th warns against getting into a power struggle with a relative. Avoid sensitive subjects like politics, culture and religion; they will only lead to pointless arguments that could rebound and resonate for days or even weeks. Your work-life balance will be thrown off kilter on the 14th; you may have to take time off work for the sake of your loved ones. On the 24th, the New Moon warns against getting romantically involved with a friend. If you're looking for love, find it with someone outside of your immediate social circle. A former romantic partner will try to reconnect with you towards the end of the month; it's best to keep them at arm's length. They'll only cause headaches and maybe even heartache.


Thursday 9th of April 2020

Friends don't share your enthusiasm for a subject or activity. That's all right. Allow yourself to be pulled in a different direction. Your relationships with old friends will survive while you learn how to paint, act, sing or play an instrument. Someone who is threatened by your favourite hobby will act out. Instead of getting drawn into a bitter argument, practice compassion. Cook your household a delicious meal. Their bitterness will turn to acceptance.


Week beginning Monday 6th of April 2020

Don't let anyone rush you. Take your time and you will avoid making embarrassing mistakes. It makes sense to work at a steady pace and you don't want to overdo it. Take regular breaks or your health will suffer. The most important thing right now is the safety of you and yours. A friendship will take a surprising turn. Other than a tendency to be slightly over sensitive, there's a lot to be glad about when it comes to your relationships.

About Cancer

Information about your birth sign


Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac. It's a cardinal sign, with natural leadership ability, so you like to be the boss!

You are a water sign ruled by the Moon. The Moon changes sign approximately every two and half days on its monthly journey around the zodiac. Its gravitational pull moves the tides of our vast oceans. Inhabiting a human body doesn't make any of us immune to this force. We're around 60 percent water.

Being a Cancerian, you feel this lunar movement more acutely. Some say you can be moody or crabby, we would probably all be crabby if our inner landscape shifted slightly every two and a half days!

The symbol for Cancer is the crab. A crab wears a hard shell which protects its squashy and vulnerable innards. Like the crab, you wear a hard shell over your vulnerable feelings and generally keep them to yourself. The side of you we're allowed to see is kindly, gentle, nurturing, capable and strong.

A crab on the move will move sideways, usually with stealth! You rarely go directly after what you want, you often sidle up to it or approach in a round about way.

A crab has tenacious pincers, it grabs on and holds tight. You can have difficulty letting go, even when the cupboards are bulging! Also you'll remember, and sometimes dwell on, old hurts and injustices (whether real or imagined), long after the events.

Being the first of the water signs makes you super-sensitive, your feelings are easily hurt and you're not able to shrug things off like some. You probably have accurate hunches and some innate psychic ability, depending on the rest of your horoscope.

Cancer rules our home and family life, so your home and family are especially important. In Cancer we need to feel we have somewhere we belong, and just as the crab has its shell, your home is your shell, a safe place of retreat when you need to nourish yourself.

The energy of the Moon is matriarchal in essence, so most of you make excellent, supportive parents. Those who don't have children, can parent their co-workers and friends or they nurture in their professional capacity. Care-workers, collectors, cradles and caterers all belong to your sign. Cancer men are often good cooks and some can outshine the women in the kitchen.

Traditionally you get on best with the other sensitive water signs, Scorpio and Pisces, also with the earth signs, Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, but there are 12 different faces of Cancer, depending on which zodiac sign the Moon was transiting on the day of your birth. If you have a fiery or airy Moon, then you'll get along with those signs too.

If you don't know the sign of the wandering Moon on the day of your birth, one of our astrologers will be happy to tell you more. For those of you born on a day when the Moon changed signs, we will need your time of birth too.