Capricorn Horoscope

22 Dec - 19 Jan

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November 2019

A creative project won't get the reception you desire on the 12th. That's when a tense Full Moon heaps harsh criticism upon you. Resist the urge to be defensive, especially on social media. Maintaining a quiet, dignified silence will prompt fair minded people to take a second look at your work. You're being unfairly accused of broadcasting a troubling message. Those who know you personally will immediately realise these charges are completely false. Slowly but surely, fans will come to your defence. A situation that begins as upsetting will become empowering. The New Moon on the 26th will tempt you to retreat to a quiet hideaway where you can lick your wounds. Someone will urge you to make a comment or give an interview. Politely turn away these requests. Despite your desire to set the record straight, you won't be ready to face the public at the end of November. Use this time to recover from all this upheaval.


Thursday 14th of November 2019

Learning about a subject is more difficult than expected. You're having a hard time grasping elusive concepts. Working with a tutor can be helpful. Don't let this instructor's untidy appearance fool you. Their thinking is quite precise. Show them the respect they deserve. You're not sure about your feelings for someone who has a crush on you. Beware of giving this admirer false expectations. Explain where you stand and don't feel pressured to get involved in a relationship if you want to be single.


Week beginning Monday 11th of November 2019

In both your workplace and social life, scandals of all sorts are keeping everyone gossiping and guessing. Although you will be intrigued by what's said, it would be better to keep out of it. Someone has interpreted a situation wrongly and the rumours are untrue. You're a perfectionist and you are working hard to get the result you want. To keep on top of things, you may have to make fast decisions and act quickly. As long as you do your best, that's all that matters.

About Capricorn

Information about your birth sign


Capricorn is the tenth sign of the zodiac, ruled by the planet Saturn. The planet that has the pretty coloured rings around it!

Yours is a feminine sign but before anyone expects you to be soft or fluffy, they should know that you're a determined and capable cardinal sign. You don't mind taking orders but with your considerable ambition, you're more likely to be the one giving them.

The rings around planet Saturn symbolise boundaries and you are sure to come up against one or two of these in your lifetime. You have strong personal boundaries too, as you're naturally cautious and you like to get to know people before you allow them to get too close.

The symbol for Capricorn is the goat. Some lucky goats live wild on the mountainside, able to slowly climb ever upwards to the summit. The view from the top of the mountain is something every pioneering goat wants to experience.

Other goats are confined to farmland, or tied to ropes to stop them wandering, but they seem to happily accept these boundaries and continue to graze on the grass and produce nourishing milk. Whether you get to the top of your field or not, you'll always be productive!

In myth, Saturn was the Roman God of agriculture and he ruled over the grain and harvest. Another of Saturn's many faces is Old Father Time. You like to do things at your own pace, or in your own time. Although you appear to have a strange relationship to time, you can live it backwards!

In youth, you're often the quiet child with the old wise head on young shoulders and you're able to behave with incredible restraint and maturity. Then you reach old age and suddenly you do a complete turn around and you're able to be playful, childlike and uninhibited. You're able to take the insecurities of your childhood and work on them until they become your strengths in the future.

We might find you working in a government office or on a building site, where you'll probably be in charge, or we might find you at home caring expertly for your family. Capricorn is on the parental axis of the horoscope, like your opposite sign Cancer, you're one of the caretakers of the zodiac. You're excellent parent material, and because you do genuinely care about others, you'll readily offer support to your friends and workmates too.

Some say that you're like a fine wine that matures beautifully with age. You get along best with the other earth signs, Taurus and Virgo, and also with the water signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

Saturn moves slowly through the signs, taking 29 years to complete one round of the zodiac. It's position in your horoscope adds another layer to your intricate personality. If you'd like to know more, one of our astrologers will be happy to take your call.