Leo Horoscope

23 Jul - 22 Aug

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February 2020

Hard work will pay off handsomely on the 3rd. Don't be surprised if you're given a bonus, pay rise or other perk as thanks for your excellent contributions. If you're unemployed, you could be offered a splendid position on the 5th that draws on your artistic abilities. The pay won't be stellar, but the less tangible rewards will be significant. The Full Moon on the 9th finds you reaching a personal goal; this is cause for celebration. Treat yourself to a romantic adventure at this magical time. Valentine's Day could find you getting engaged or married. If you're already in a serious relationship, your partner will give you a beautiful gift. Are you single? Be willing to give up your independence to a cultured, sophisticated love interest. Your charisma reaches an all-time high on the 19th, when you draw admiring glances from every corner. The New Moon on the 23rd is ideal for making a personal or professional merger.


Tuesday 25th of February 2020

This is a good time to cultivate long-term financial prosperity. Opening a retirement account or investment portfolio is strongly advised. Businesses involving alternative fuel sources, antique restoration or healthcare can turn a healthy profit for you. Taking a money management course to make informed decisions. You're consumed with restless energy. Stepping up your exercise routine can be helpful. Even taking brisk walks can be therapeutic. Moving your body will get your creative juices flowing. Don't be surprised when you discover inventive solutions after flexing your muscles.


Week beginning Monday 24th of February 2020

Partnership issues that have caused you a lot of tension will soon be resolved. A long-term relationship goal will take a step closer to becoming reality. Even so you know you have a long way to go before you feel totally confident and secure. You will hit a peak in career affairs. With all the effort you have already put into this area, you shouldn't be surprised. A colleague will alert you to a job opening and this position will seem perfectly suited for you.

About Leo

Information about your birth sign


Do you secretly believe that you're a bit special? Well here's the truth, you are!

Leo is a fire sign, ruled by the Sun, the star at the centre of our universe, around which all the planets revolve. In accord with the Sun, you were born to shine, to become the centre of your own universe, radiating warmth, love and joy, in your own special and totally unique way!

Don't be shy about this, (those of you with demure Virgo or reticent Cancer planets can be). Whether openly or secretly, you love basking in the limelight. You feel energised and alive when you have the applause of an audience. It's not important if that audience is only composed of your friends, colleagues, or children. We can't all be superstars on the big screen (although an abundance of Leo energy does shine from there) but you're sure to be a much loved superstar to those who personally orbit around you.

Your sign rules the heart and spine, and similarly is renowned for being warm hearted, magnanimous and courageous.

Leo's symbol is the lion, a sometimes playful, sometimes fierce, ever strong and regal beast. A lion lives in a pride, while being fiercely protective of its cubs. You can also be playful, strong and regal and you have pride, not without reason!

Just like that big pussycat, you're likely to be fiercely protective of your children, if you have them. Similarly you'll be proud and protective about anything that you've created, whether a character on stage, a book, a work of art, or a business project. You like to shine at anything you apply yourself to.

The call to parenthood sounds loudly in your creative and abundantly fertile sign, You're probably fantastic with children too. They reconnect you with the playful child who lives on within yourself.

Some may say that you have a stubborn streak, at times you do, but your way is steadfast and unchanging, it doesn't stop you being outgoing and fun-loving. You possess the ability to live life to the full, and you are able to do it with seemingly effortless flair and style!

You are most compatible with the other fire signs, Aries and Sagittarius, as you reflect light and warmth back to each other. You're also compatible with the air signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius, who have plenty of air to fan your flames.

You're less compatible with the water signs, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, as you may sometimes feel as if they dampen your fiery enthusiasm, as too many clouds can block the warmth of the sun. Similarly, you may find it a struggle to shine when you spend too much time in the company of the earth signs, Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

All the planets, like actors on a stage, play their part in making you the unique individual that you are. If you'd like to know more about your horoscope, one of our astrologers will be happy to talk to you.