Pisces Horoscope

19 Feb - 20 Mar

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April 2020

Your home life will be challenging in some ways it will also be rich and rewarding at the start of the month. This would be a good time to do some redecorating and refurbishing. You can also find some beautiful furnishings and artwork online to further beautify your abode. Caring for your nearest and dearest on the 4th will take on much more importance. A well-connected acquaintance will praise your kind-hearted thoughtfulness on the 7th; thanks to them, you could land an important opportunity in times to come. On the 8th, the Full Moon will force you to share a sum of money with a large group. Be content with your share. Don't let self-doubt keep you from launching a creative personal project on the 21st; it's important for you to save, share and communicate your thoughts. On the 23rd, the New Moon will find you facing off with some stuffy traditionalists. Although the old guard will disagree with you, more visionary types will embrace your ideas. Due to differing views and values you may decide to make some radical and long-lasting changes to the way you live your life on the 25th.


Wednesday 8th of April 2020

An expense is bigger than you expected. Don't panic. It's easy to attract the money you want when you're calm, cool and collected. Instead of asking a friend for a loan, find a way to make money online from an artistic venture. Making things that are both useful and beautiful will cultivate the wealth you desire. Whether you're selling these wares on the internet or in discussion with an exclusive boutique is unimportant. The critical thing is to set a fair price for these goods.


Week beginning Monday 6th of April 2020

You've been avoiding dealings with a powerful figure or official institution. This might be the only way to deal with a stubborn problem. Don't be daunted by the paperwork involved. A Virgo friend or colleague will help guide you through the process. If you need help, all you have to do is ask. Your work schedule could change at a moment's notice. This will call for some improvisation and a flexible approach. Your imaginative ideas will win the approval of your colleagues.

About Pisces

Information about your birth sign


Pisces is the twelfth and ultimate sign of the zodiac. You might be last but you are certainly not least!

Pisces rules the feet and those feet carry the weight of the entire body! Sometimes you might feel like you're carrying the weight of the world too.

Yours is a mutable, fluid, water sign. The symbol for Pisces is two fish swimming in opposite directions. This could represent the way that your conscious and unconscious minds pull you in different directions, or your spiritual life versus your material life.

Perhaps those fish symbolise the way that your naturally compassionate and sympathetic nature takes on the burdens of others, even when it's to the detriment of your own direction and well-being.

Traditionally your ruling planet is Jupiter, named after the King of the Gods and renowned for his benevolence and joviality. You are benevolent by nature and you do love a good laugh!

Modern day astrology gives co-rulership of Pisces to the planet Neptune, named after the Roman God of the sea. It seems that Neptune's cloudy, nebulous, undefined energy is also a good fit for your poetic soul. We know fish belong in the sea!

Our oceans are mighty and powerful and we shouldn't downplay the powerful affect that you can have in the lives of others. As a friend or co-worker, you are the one who will willingly agree to shoulder the burden or go the extra mile. You can be completely selfless when it comes to helping others.

For this reason we find many of you in our hospitals and helping professions, although of course some of you have work that ties you to the sea or fishmongery. You're naturally adaptable, so you can adapt to most roles.

You're intuitive and highly impressionable, probably the most psychic of the water signs, so the feelings and moods of the people around you can affect you deeply, more deeply than perhaps you realise.

You could be likened to a big sponge, soaking up all kinds of moods, feelings and psychic debris while you rub shoulders with others during your everyday life, you may not be aware that this is happening. You need times of solitude to let go of this emotional clutter, to feel refreshed.

Sea air is the most wonderful balm for the troubled Pisces soul. Those of you who aren't lucky enough to live near the coast, should aim to visit often. Water is your element and it's totally cleansing. Long baths can be similarly healing, swimming too.

Your sign gets along best with the other water signs, Cancer and Scorpio, and with the earth signs, Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, but then it's a rare Pisces who doesn't get along well with just about everyone!

The position of Jupiter and the other planets in your birth chart can mitigate how you express and experience your Pisces nature. If you'd like to know more about your horoscope, one of our astrologers will be happy to help.