Virgo Horoscope

23 Aug - 22 Sep

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April 2020

Your determination and intelligence will be obvious to everyone on the 3rd when you will be a decision maker for many. A career success you thought had been put on hold could suddenly move forward on the 4th, when you're offered a dream job thanks to your exceptional skills. A romance has a profoundly transforming effect on you near the 5th. Your partner may convert your beliefs or inspire you to make beautiful art. On the 8th, the Full Moon will result in a rather lower income than you expected. You may have to get professional help to get what's due to you. Things should be sorted out soon and a settlement could be awarded to you on the 11th, when the other party gets cold feet. Learning opportunities abound starting on the 19th as you find your personal world opens up to new insights and influences. The New Moon on the 23rd is ideal for taking centre stage with some innovative and inventive ideas; prepare to hear some criticism from traditionalists who can't handle modern ways of thinking.


Wednesday 8th of April 2020

Your pay will be much less than you expected. Don't accept this situation. You're dealing with someone who enjoys underpaying people who work for them. By threatening legal action, this bully will back down. You must be patient and persistent. Your best friend or romantic partner will be very supportive. Turn to them for support when your resolve falters. Together, you will weather this storm and achieve a tremendous victory. By standing up for your own interests, you'll protect others from being victimised.


Week beginning Monday 6th of April 2020

Events will not bring as much pleasure as you had anticipated. Most things seem to be plagued with time consuming delays. Transport problems and mechanical breakdowns will try your patience. The closer you stay to home, the happier and safer you will be. You don't feel ready to make an important decision. It doesn't matter how rushed you might be or how much others urge you to be quick about it, you need time to come to the right choice.

About Virgo

Information about your birth sign


Virgo is the sixth sign of the Zodiac, ruled by the planet Mercury. Virgo is the second sign ruled by this dualistic God, who also rules over Gemini, where his energy is expressed through the element of air and the mind.

In the earth sign of Virgo, Mercury becomes more discerning and critical about what he has learned, applying astute attention to detail and striving for perfection. Through your sign he offers himself in service to the earth, in artistic, practical, material and mundane ways.

You are one of the humble workers of the zodiac and you don't mind rolling up your sleeves and getting on with it. You'll do it neatly and with exactitude, because that is your way. You have an innate sense of order and a keen eye for precision and you take satisfaction in doing what you do, to the very best of your ability.

You are something of a perfectionist and you often strive for purity. This gives you a more than passing interest in health and hygiene, as well as a desire for cleanliness. It's not a foregone conclusion whether or not your immediate surroundings are neat, clean and ordered, but you'd definitely like them to be!

You sign is a mutable, restless, nervous and changeable one. The ruler of Virgo was a God with wings on his feet, so your restless spirit needs some change and variety in your working day and in your life.

As an earth sign, you're very much at home with mother nature and at times you can do a very good impersonation of her too!

There are many Virgo's who are secretly the power behind a throne. Your sign and your nature are known to be introverted. You're naturally shy and retiring, so you're quite happy to work behind the scenes, and let someone else have the praise or attention.

The Virgo instinct is to be useful, and you seem to never tire of helping others, personally or professionally. Virgo doctors and nurses abound, also medical herbalists, nutritionists, dietitians, therapists and alternative therapists. If we don't find you in one of those professions, you're sure to be knowledgeable in at least one of those areas.

With your keen observation skills and fine attention to small detail, you can also excel in the arts, putting something of beauty into earthly form is an expression of Virgo, as is any craft where you make something beautiful or useful with your hands. Everything you do will show your love of order and symmetry, even your handwriting, which is probably neat.

You get along best with the other quiet, humble and introverted signs like your good self. Those are the earth signs, Taurus and Capricorn, and the water signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

If Mercury was not in the same sign as the Sun when you were born, this will modify the experience and expression of your Virgo energy. If you'd like to know more about your horoscope, one of our astrologers will be happy to help. You're always helping others, it might be good to allow someone to help you for a change!