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What is spiritual meditation and how can you master it for a healthier life? We discuss this and more in our latest blog, while also encouraging you to take some much deserved time for yourself too.

They say life is what you make of it, but making it something wonderful while having to contend with daily life can be a struggle. In the blink of an eye, you may find yourself dealing with career stress, home troubles and unexpected events that leave you feeling burned out and unhappy. And though there will be tough times, how you choose to deal with them will be the true making of you. That’s why the psychic readers here at Psychic Sofa stand by spiritual meditation as a way to lighten the load and provide a sense of calm. But what is spiritual meditation and how can you master it for a healthier life? We discuss this and more in our latest blog, while also encouraging you to take some much deserved time for yourself too. 

spirituality and meditation

What Is Spiritual Meditation? - Traditions & Techniques

Guided spiritual meditation is a wonderful experience that takes you on a journey into who you truly are. This is you - stripped back from all perceptions you may have of yourself, and what you think others may think about you. You find inner peace from just being, and not having any misconceptions floating around, allowing you to focus on the here and now. This practice helps you to see the real truth of everything, and to let go of all that has happened and will happen, because Divine intervention will always find a way. The present is where you want to be and find solace and serenity in, and to see beyond the hustle and bustle of daily life.

At the heart of spiritual meditation is the connection to not only ourselves, but also something that is greater and deeper than ourselves. It’s through this that spiritual awakenings can occur, and we can see things in a whole new light. Through spiritual meditation we can open ourselves up to the wisdom of the universe, and take comfort in their guidance.

One thing to be aware of is that spiritual awareness through meditation takes time and tangible results are not seen overnight. It takes discipline and practice to reach spiritual actualisation, but we promise you - as attested to by our psychic readers - the results are worth it. For those whose spiritual lives play a key part in who they are, spiritual meditation can do wonders.

what is spiritual meditation

Mastering Spiritual Meditation For A Great Experience

You may be wondering where to start with spiritual meditation, and therefore, what follows is a step-by-step guide for how to make it work for you:

Step 1: Find A Place & Position You Feel Comfortable In

It’s hard to find inner clarity when you have outside noises to contend with, and family members vying for attention. Spiritual meditation is your time, and nothing and no-one has any right to it. Perhaps there’s a room in your home where you can get away. Perhaps there’s a park or forest where you can always find your centre, and a sense of calm. Once you’ve found your place, it’s time for your position. Many of our psychic readers choose from the wide range of Yoga poses available, or stand upright with the hands by their side. Other popular meditation poses include:

  • Vajrasana

  • Padmasana

  • Sukhasana

Once you’ve found your position, close your eyes and follow step 2.

Step 2: Let Yourself Feel & Go With The Flow Of Emotions

To get to the heart of who you are, you need to learn to let go. Let go of what’s eating you and what you know deep down is holding you back. During spiritual meditation, you should try your best to loosen up and let yourself submit to the process. You don’t need to overthink, or put a plan in place. There’s nothing to get right or wrong. It’s just you and the here and now.

Step 3: When The Thoughts Come, Be Grateful But Don’t Let Them Control You

It’s impossible to block out all thoughts, and even the positive ones that flow through may lead you to over-analyse and end up with you being affected. The challenge lies in not responding to them and letting them take over. When any thought comes through, try your best to not react to it, rather - imagine the thought encased in a bubble and floating away from you. This will allow you to focus on your meditation.

Step 4: Say A Prayer Or Words That Motivate You & Meditation Breathing

Instead of letting your thoughts take over, saying a prayer or words of affirmation can truly change your perspective and how you feel in the present moment. Even meaningful quotes or a mantra can help you to connect with yourself and the spiritual guidance you seek.

With your prayer in your mind, relax your body until you feel free. Breathe in naturally and slowly and observe how your breath goes in and out in a continuous manner. At each exhalation, think of the prayer or the chosen words and say it in your head every time you breathe out. This will help to keep you centred and calm.

Step 5: Meditation Reflection

During your breathing exercises, turn your attention to your body, awareness and your being in the current moment. Conscious of your surroundings, think about how your body feels and how it interacts with your mind and spirit. When you feel ready, open your eyes slowly and sit or stand for a little while longer, letting your mind consider all that you’ve just experienced. You should feel a little lighter and as if a weight has been lifted, and that you’re ready to take on the world. 

mastering meditation

The Benefits Of Spiritual Meditation

There are many positives of meditation, and this includes:

Meditation For Stress

Like most people, you likely spend time juggling multiple tasks and activities throughout the day and this can take its toll on your happiness and well-being. Not leaving much time for you and your own spiritual growth, you can find that your stress levels begin to increase, and you might lose your sense of direction and purpose. It’s not your purpose to live your life for others, but it is to find meaning. Spiritual meditation can support you with this, and give you some time for self-reflection. What’s more, the contemplative process found in spiritual meditation can lessen any stress and calm any nerves or anxieties you have, and help you realise how valued you are by family, friends and colleagues. 

Increased Self-Awareness

Because spiritual meditation lets you connect to your deeper self and focus on your inherent truth, you will discover new things about yourself that could take you in directions you never thought possible. It’s possible deep desires are hiding deep in the subconscious, and that your life could take a far different path should you be given the opportunity to explore this. This ultimately means you’ll have a more fulfilling life because you’ll be living one that speaks for your truth. This is something worth pursuing.

Greater Love For Yourself

When you start taking time for yourself, you start to realise not only how much you need it, but also how much you deserve it. You only have one life to live, and living it by others’ rules or to please everyone else is never going to make you happy. You deserve the same love and care you show everyone else, and this starts with you. Through meditation you can get to know yourself better, get to the heart of what you truly want out of life and think about how you can go about getting it. And this will send shockwaves out into the universe, and you’ll find you get the respect you deserve.

benefits of spiritual meditation

You are wonderful, fellow Psychic Sofa readers, and we very much appreciate all your love and support. Let us support you with further helpful spiritual guidance, which you can find through our articles, and with a psychic reading. Our psychic readers are the best out there, because they care about our clients and only want what’s best for them. If you think a telephone psychic reading could help you, we encourage you to call us today. You can reach us on 09057897752 (calls cost 80p per minute plus your network access charge) or 01618640152


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