Tarot Card Readings

Probably the most popular method of psychic reading is the Tarot, and we have a large number of talented Tarot card readers with several years of experience giving professional readings in person and over the phone. There are 78 cards in a Tarot deck; 22 in the Major Arcana, that look at the big issues we have in our lives, and 56 in the Minor Arcana, focusing on everyday themes and challenges we face.

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What should I expect from an Online Tarot Card reading?

The number of different Tarot card spreads is extensive, and each Tarot reader has their favourites. However, the reader will always choose the spread that is best for you, depending on what kind of information you are hoping to receive; are you looking for the answer to a question or problem? Or are you interested in a general life reading?

The Five Card Spread

This spread is beneficial if you have something in particular that you wish to discuss and receive guidance on. The five cards, which are laid out in a cross shape, look at different aspects of the question. The first card represents the current situation. The second card shows how the past still affects the question, and the third card looks to the future. The final two cards show the reasons for the question, and the possibilities there is for change.

The Celtic Cross

The most popular Tarot spread is the Celtic Cross, as it is good for both specific questions and general readings. There are two sections; the cross, and the staff. The cross is actually made of two crosses; two cards, then four surrounding them. The smaller cross represent the current situation. The larger cross includes the effects of different points in time and the actions that occurred to still impact the present. The staff is made up of four cards, which represent any outside or unexpected influences on the present.

The Fan Spread

If you’re looking for a general reading, with no particular questions in mind, the fan spread is for you. There are 22 cards in this spread, in seven groups of three and with one more card that represents you. The first group of cards represent your character. The second focuses on the relationships in your life, both romantic and platonic. The next two groups show your expectations and goals. The fifth group point out any unexpected influences in your life, and the final two groups look to the future and what you can expect.

We aim to offer the best Tarot card readings possible, so if you want a deep, insightful look into your life and any challenges you’re facing, give one of our Tarot readers a call today.

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