5 Dangerous Emotions You Need To Control

Emotions play a huge role in how you feel, what you think, and in your overall perception of situations and circumstances. When your emotions are positively high, you feel on top of the world and capable of doing anything.

Emotions play a huge role in how you feel, what you think, and in your overall perception of situations and circumstances. When your emotions are positively high, you feel on top of the world and capable of doing anything. When negative emotions take hold it’s easy to lose all control.

Managing your emotions helps you to consider your reactions and actions before you act on your feelings. Some emotions are more potentially dangerous and harmful than others. Knowing how to take control will enable you to make the best decisions in any situation.

1. Boredom

Although not strictly an emotion, boredom can certainly trigger negative thoughts and actions. This state of mind often causes repetitive behaviour that is usually detrimental. How many times have you broken a commitment to following an exercise plan or healthy eating simply because you were bored? Boredom can make you act out of character and tempt you into doing things that you know are not good for you.

If you’re feeling bored, get yourself out of lazy mode by doing something active that will distract you from your negative thoughts. Dance around the room, sing along to your favourite song, or go and do some housework.

2. Guilt

When you’ve done something that you’re not proud of you can end up feeling bad. Guilt can easily consume you if you don’t take ownership of your emotions. If you feel ashamed or embarrassed you may even be tempted to hide your feelings by bottling them up.

Facing up to the issue helps to minimise feelings of guilt. If you’ve done wrong, own up and admit it. The fear of being found out is often a lot worse that confronting the situation and dealing with it.

3. Hurt

Emotional pain caused by rejection can leave behind a lingering hurt. If someone has wronged you it’s perfectly ok to feel hurt. Hanging on to the negative emotion however, stops you from being happy with your life. Hurt can also cause you to adopt other negative habits that also detrimentally affect you. Maybe you’ve taken up comfort eating or keep putting yourself down, because you’re refusing to acknowledge that you need to heal the hurt.

It’s important to accept the situation that has made you feel this way. It’s essential that you acknowledge what has happened and let it go. Forgive yourself and the other person so that you are free from carrying the emotional burden. Once you forgive, hurt will gradually lessen until it completely evaporates.

4. Loneliness

There are a number of levels to loneliness. You can be lonely simply because you’re bored and want some company. You could be missing someone badly and greatly aware of the void in your life. Or your loneliness could be all encompassing and overwhelming. The more that you dwell on this emotion, the more intense the feeling becomes.

To control your feelings of loneliness it’s helpful to identify why you feel like you do. Be honest with yourself, so that you can begin to take back control of this dangerous and destructive emotion. Make plans that involve other people, get out and interact with others, or spend some time one-on-one with someone who understands how you feel. There’s no quick fix to making these feelings go away for good, but nurturing yourself and practicing self-love will definitely help.

5. Sadness

You can feel instantly sad for many reasons. Hearing or witnessing something bad can cause you to feel upset and sad. Sadness brings down your good mood and high vibration, and makes you feel like you have a big black cloud looming directly over you.

Unlike loneliness, sadness is far easier to handle and manage. You can choose to let sadness take over for a while, without it making too much of a negative impact on your emotional wellbeing. You can also accept your feelings and release them when you’re ready. Wallowing in doom and gloom, however, is always best avoided.


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