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Are You Limiting Your Happiness?

Thoughts are powerful things that can have a positive or negative impact on the quality of your life. If you fall into the habit of thinking pessimistically about everything, you simply attract more of the same into your reality. ...

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Break Your Psychic Ties!

Still infatuated with your ex? Or perhaps you still feel angry with a friend years after they wronged you? It's time to cut those psychic cords! ...

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10 Ways to have a Great First Date

First dates are the first step on your journey to lasting love. But all too often they end in disappointment, embarrassment or hurt feelings. Take a new approach to meeting your future soul mate by adding a touch of spiritual thinking. ...

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7 Ways to Fight your Phobias

Do you run screaming from a tiny spider? Or perhaps you're too afraid to get on an airplane? You have a phobia! A phobia is an irrational, overwhelming and debilitating fear of something. ...

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5 Signs That Prove You're In A Great Relationship

If you’ve navigated your way through the dating scene, and you think you’ve met your perfect match, there are a number of signs that prove your relationship is the real deal. ...

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5 Genuine Things That Truly Authentic People Do

There are many people who make big claims about being honest, genuine and authentic. What sets truly authentic people apart, from those who openly boast, the lack of the need to show off. Truly authentic people prefer to focus on being just that. These pe ...

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Common Law Of Attraction (LOA) Mistakes Most People Make

You’ve probably heard or read about the ways in which the spiritual and universal Law of Attraction works to manifest your heart’s desires. Whilst some people seem to experience instant manifestation success, others fail to attract their dream scenari ...

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Are You Living Your Purpose?

There are many people who live life believing that there is a reason for everything. The belief that we all have a purpose, and are here on Earth to make a difference is usually the driving force behind wanting to know what your life purpose really is. ...

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8 Ways to a Healthy Mind

A healthy mind is your fast track to wellbeing. If you have a positive, uncluttered outlook, then life will unfold more easily and more beneficially for you ...

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10 Signs of a Strong Man

Thankfully, the idea that boys don't cry is fast becoming consigned to history. Because strong men are comfortable showing emotion, and, yes, sometimes they cry! ...

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Save Your Relationship!

Is constant bickering ruining your relationship? Or do you give each other the silent treatment, allowing resentment to fester? Both these types of conflict will ruin your relationship! ...

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10 Ways to Survive an Affair

When a romantic relationship hits the rocks it can feel like the end of your world. Because love can bring the best of times into your life, but it can also bring the worst. ...

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