8 Ways to a Healthy Mind

A healthy mind is your fast track to wellbeing. If you have a positive, uncluttered outlook, then life will unfold more easily and more beneficially for you

Top tips for clear thinking



A healthy mind is your fast track to wellbeing. If you have a positive, uncluttered outlook, then life will unfold more easily and more beneficially for you. Life will seem simpler and happier. So clear out limiting beliefs and bring healthy thinking to your everyday life. It's essential! Here's how.



1) Break your routine

Stepping out of your daily grind is liberating for your mind. It allows you headspace for new ideas and plans. It can also open up a world of creativity that is stifled by everyday routine. So make time to put aside your routine and do something different. Go for a 20-minute walk along a new route, arrange to see a friend, read a new type of book. Sign up for a free online course on a subject you're interested in but you know will stretch your mind. Break your routine with something beneficial at least once everyday.


2) Avoid drama

It is human nature to enjoy a gossip or be drawn to drama. But it's not good for you because it will drag your thoughts and mental outlook towards negativity. Drama clouds and clutters your mind with unhealthy thoughts. It is unhealthy for your mind, body and soul. It's bad! So avoid people and places that pull you into drama. Don't be part of gossip or rumours. Leave toxic friends behind, your life will be better without them. Limit time with, or avoid if you can, toxic family members or colleagues. Don't get involved with gossip or nastiness, rise above it and the right people will respect you.


3) Challenge your mind

A healthy mind needs constant challenges to keep it active and functioning on top form. So you need to keep it ticking over, rather than stagnating. Choose activities that suit your skills but which you find challenging. Pick subjects that are separate from your career: the idea is to broaden your mind with new challenges not to stick to what you know. Whether that's studying a new language, reading about new subjects, trying a new sport, or stretching your brain with puzzles, like crosswords or Sudoku. Just do it!


4) Use your talents

You have talents! So find out what they are and use them. A healthy mind is strengthened by using its talents because using talents leads to success instead of constant setbacks. Find your talents by thinking about what you enjoy doing and what you are good at. Then you need to hone your talents with practice and study so you can be the best you can. Try to find a career where you can use your talents - it is possible. Perhaps you could set up your own business?


5) Be realistic

Having a healthy mind means recognising your limitations as well as your talents. It's no use wanting to be a singer if you can't sing! Wanting something that does not play to your talents is unhealthy and is the road to unhappiness because you will not succeed. So healthy minds have a realistic outlook on life. Know your talents but also know your limitations.


6) Get a creative hobby

Healthy minds need a creative outlet. Creativity sparks new ideas and gives you a feeling of wellbeing. The best news is everyone can be creative! Whether your hobby is drawing, painting, gardening, writing, crafting, embroidery, dressmaking, photography, jewellery making, knitting - just get creative. If you are a beginner, then buy an instruction book or look online for free tutorials. The main thing is to get creating something for yourself.


7) Meditate

Clearing your mind of all thoughts, anxieties and tasks for ten minutes a day will help you have a healthy mind. You can do this with meditation. Clearing your mind is tricky to begin with so you need to persevere. But the rewards are many, including calmness, clearer thinking and contentment.


8) Be grateful

Healthy minds are grateful minds. If you really thought about all the small blessings you have in your life, such as shelter, enough food, water, your eyesight and your friends, you would realise just how much you have to be grateful for. Once you realise that you already have lots to be thankful for in your life, this can kick-start a shift in your thinking and outlook. Your perspective changes from insular and negative to open and much happier.


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