Spirit Animal

Are you a cat, a dog or a bear? Not as strange a suggestion as it first sounds! Your spirit animal is the creature with whom you share some personal qualities.

Discover which creature is your spiritual soul mate

Are you a cat, a dog or a bear? Not as strange a suggestion as it first sounds! Your spirit animal is the creature with whom you share some personal qualities. You can learn more about yourself by looking at those qualities in-depth, and then looking at the ways your animal energy pushes you to balance and improve yourself. Animals are amazing creatures with whom we are lucky to share this planet. So let your spirit animal guide you towards creating the best version of yourself possible.

How to tap into your spirit animal

You can bring the qualities of your spirit animal into your life in several ways.

*Create an altar with pictures and symbols of your animal. This brings the energy of your creature into your home and life.

*Or just pin up a couple of pictures of your animal around your home.

*Carry an amulet of your spirit animal in your pocket or bag. This can be a picture or a small figurine.

*Meditate on your spirit animal by looking at a picture of the animal while you meditate, or simply visualise it in your mind's eye.


Find your Spirit Animal:

Read the descriptions of the spirit animals below to see which one has qualities that most resonate with you. Think:

Which animal are you drawn to?

Which animal do you dream about?

Which animal shares some personality qualities with you?

This is your spirit animal. Check out the 'become balanced' section of your spirit animal information to find out which qualities you need to strengthen and work on in order to achieve a spiritually and emotionally balanced self.


Like your spirit animal, you have a burning enthusiasm for life that drives you to search for new challenges and excitement. You are a brave and loving soul whose friends value you highly for your loyalty, integrity and kindness. You have an innate positivity and sense of playfulness.

Strengths: Loyal, protective, sociable

Become balanced: Your tendency to be trusting is admirable but be careful not to be taken advantage of by others. Occasionally you react from fear instead of thought - so assess all sides of a situation before you act. Keen to take care of others, don't forget to look after yourself, too.

Domestic Cat

You are a spiritual seeker with a strong interest in mystic and paranormal subjects. You want to discover what is unknown. Adventurous and curious, you have a strong sixth sense and will patiently wait for just the right moment to act. You are a sensual person who is usually confident in your own skin.

Strengths: Independent, creative thinker, patient

Become balanced: Your personal power is strong but don't forget you can find even greater strength and fresh ideas from working with and socialising with other people. Drop your natural guard around people who are worthy of your trust.

Bird (except birds of prey)

You love to be busy, keeping your mind whirring and your hands occupied. You are modest and unassuming so people often underestimate you. A big mistake! You are diligent with keen attention to detail. You always persevere so you are usually successful at whatever you put your mind to.

Strengths: Industrious, clever, cautious

Become balanced: Don't be afraid to show people just how fabulous you are. You deserve recognition for your hard work and talents.


Your sharp intellect sets you apart from the pack. Match that with your willingness to trust your instincts as well as fearlessness - and you are a formidable person. You work well with other people and have a wide social circle, but you also have a deep longing for freedom and solitude.

Strengths: Team player, fearless, determined

Become balanced: If you feel threatened or betrayed you lash out without thinking the situation through properly. Learn that it's better to put space between yourself and the bad situation or person than to lash out.


You are a popular person because of your balanced, calm yet playful approach to life. You are a peaceful soul but you have an inner core of steel that sees you through life's tough times. You try to see the good in everyone and never allow your thinking to become cluttered with negative thoughts.

Strengths: Sociable, intelligent, playful

Become balanced: Sometimes you need to confront negativity in order to deal with it and then move on. Make sure you are expressing your emotions to somebody you trust, even if those emotions are negative. You'll feel back to your playful self once you've unburdened.

Eagle (and other birds of prey)

Your mind soars high and wide in its thinking, enabling your to see the bigger picture in life. Your creativity allows you to lock on to new ideas and dream up ways of making them happen. When you find your soul mate you will be together for life.

Strengths: Courageous, intuitive, visionary

Become balanced: You can fly high, so don't impose limitations on yourself. Have confidence and courage to follow your dreams. Be patient. You will achieve success by perseverance. So keep learning and striving.


Your sparkling personality draws admirers to you and marks you out as a leader. You have formidable willpower and the ability to think and act spontaneously. You trust your intuition. This means you can effortlessly react and deal with any situation in the best way.

Strengths: Independent, strong character, charismatic

Become balanced: Your unpredictability can be a strength when you need to think on your feet. But it can also be a weakness when your feelings and emotions change for no good reason. You need to work on staying grounded. Your anger can be volcanic so learning to control it is essential. Practice techniques such as yoga or meditation to help you unwind and relax.


Level-headed and grounded, people see you as a wise person whom they can turn to for advice. You have the gift of healing. Your words, and perhaps your practical skills, can heal hurt minds, hearts or bodies. You are consistent and truthful - a symbol of stability and steadying strength in uncertain times. You are a protector and provider.

Strengths: Resilience, healer, grounded

Become balanced: You need quiet time and solitude to be able to function. So ensure you make time to be alone, doing a constructive hobby or just resting. Don't be afraid to take control. You are not a showy person but you are a natural leader - and a good one, too.



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