Superstitions Articles

8 Mythological Trees

Trees are living, moving beings that inspire awe, so it's no wonder countless cultures see them as sacred. ...

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Spirit Animal

Are you a cat, a dog or a bear? Not as strange a suggestion as it first sounds! Your spirit animal is the creature with whom you share some personal qualities. ...

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10 Most Haunted Pubs in Britain!

Are you fascinated by the paranormal? Because visiting your local pub might offer you the opportunity to see the sort of spirits that don't come in a bottle. Ghosts! ...

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Is your house haunted?

If you imagine a haunted house, you'll probably picture a creaky old building, full of cobwebs and dust, that's been empty for centuries. But ghosts don't just roam the deserted corridors of castles and mansions. ...

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Unexpected Origins of Favourite Halloween Traditions

Getting a glimpse into the supernatural, that intrigues almost everyone. Halloween is a holiday that's all about the mysterious and unknown aspects of life. So perhaps that goes some way to explaining its massive popularity. ...

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Mysterious America

From spiritual places of power to secret underground cities to areas of mysterious vanishings, the USA is dotted with paranormal hotspots. Here, you can explore some of the USA's most mysterious places. ...

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Secrets of Stonehenge

What is Stonehenge, and where did come from? Here we look at the history of the famous spiritual site. ...

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Have a Spiritual Halloween

How to make Halloween a more spiritual experience, and honour the tradition of Samhain. ...

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Reversed Tarot Cards

What do reversed Tarot cards mean? Should they be included in readings? Here we look at the different ways reversed Tarot cards are interpreted. ...

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Friday the 13th and a Full Moon!

Today is Friday the 13th and a full moon together, a day which is believed to be doubly unlucky. ...

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