The Big Events of 2024's Astrological Calendar, Explained

With 2024 underway, what are the big astrological events that you need to be aware of? Psychic Sofa tells you everything that you need to know.

There are many astrological events set for this year, and if you’re wondering what they could mean for you, then you’re in the right place. As a significant amount of cosmic energy is bound to head our way, how can we harness this and better understand its influence on our past, present, and future?

In this blog, we will explore all things astrology, taking you through the astrological events of 2024 and what they could mean for us. 

The Eclipses

There are two types of eclipses

  • Lunar - moon can appear reddish as the earth blocks the sun’s light, signifying endings 
  • Solar - the moon blocks (or partially blocks) the sun, making daytime appear darker, representing important changes 

We’ll see four eclipses across the year, and all are equally important for letting go of the past and welcoming new beginnings. 

Lunar Eclipse in Libra - 25th March 

A lunar eclipse in Libra will happen in March, the first eclipse of the year. This is the perfect time to let go of our worries and things that are potentially holding us back. 

Solar Eclipse in Aries - 8th April 

The solar eclipse in Aries is a time for contemplation - it’s a period of opening up to new opportunities and considering what we truly want for ourselves. This can include evaluating our love and relationships, career path, and more. 

Lunar Eclipse in Pisces - 18th September 

As the lunar eclipse happens in Pisces, self-reflection is key to navigating this period meaningfully. Allow yourself to open that bottle of emotions that you’ve been holding back. 

Solar Eclipse in Libra - 2nd October 

In October, the solar eclipse in Libra is the final eclipse of 2024, and brings us back to the changes that may have happened over the past year. We’ll start to see how these changes are affecting our life, reminding us to never settle for less than what we deserve. 

Planetary Retrogrades 

When planets retrograde, they appear to move backwards. These are often periods that symbolise reflection, encouraging us to slow down and look back at certain aspects of our lives.

During this change in perspective, we might discover an opportunity that we might’ve overlooked or missed otherwise. 

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Mercury Retrograde

The planet of communication and rationality, Mercury moves into retrograde three times this year:

  • 1st April to 25th April: As Mercury glides through Aries, this will be a stressful time, even for those with commendable patience. We need to learn how to express our emotions appropriately.
  • 5th August to 28th August: Negative thoughts might pillage our minds as Mercury moves from Virgo to Leo, which is why this period is the best time for self-care and putting ourselves first. 
  • 26th November to 15th December: The notion of thinking before you speak is more important than ever as Mercury moves backwards in Sagittarius; use words kindly and speak from the heart. 

Mars Retrograde

Mars goes into retrograde 6th December to 24th February 2025. It will transition from Leo to Cancer, encouraging us to be more empathetic and understanding, instead of letting our egos get the best of us. After all, Mars champions strength, impulsiveness, and confrontation - and the caring and empathetic Cancer is certainly the opposite.  

Jupiter Retrograde

Jupiter begins to move backwards in Gemini from 9th October to 4th February 2025, and during this transit, you’ll find yourself seeking the bigger picture. As the planet of expansion and luck, a Jupiter retrograde is considered to be a prosperous period! As it spins backwards in the playful Gemini, it is time to take a step back and assess aspects of our lives to see whether we’re simply settling or the hard work will be worth it. 

Saturn Retrograde

Full of masculine energy and associated with justice and ambition, Saturn goes into retrograde 29th June to 15th November in Pisces. Though known as the master of discipline, fear, and control, when in retrograde, Saturn loosens the reins a little. As a result, as it moves backwards in the emotional and sensitive Pisces, we are urged to be more understanding of the plight of others. 

Uranus Retrograde

Uranus is in retrograde in Taurus from 1st September to 30th January 2025, and as the planet that rules freedom and eccentricity, it’s not surprising to find that this period offers the chance for us to take our next steps towards changing our lives for the better. Taurus is known for stubbornness, but we must put this aside if we’re looking to make realistic changes that will enhance our present and future. 

Neptune Retrograde

Meanwhile, Neptune enters retrograde in Pisces 2nd July to 7th December, the ideal period for addressing the elephant in the room. It’s time to stop running away from our problems and fears, and finally face them. In turn, we might just discover our innermost desires and dreams that we can turn into reality. 

Pluto Retrograde

Perhaps one of the key events for those looking to transform their life this year is when Pluto moves into retrograde 2nd May to 12th October. The planet of transformation backspins from Aquarius to Capricorn, opening up doors for us to climb the career ladder and grow both professionally and personally. 

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