August Birthstones & Unlocking Their Potential

These August birthstones not only look great, but enable success, goal completion, and a boosted self-esteem. Everyone deserves to have the best life possible, and by setting intentions through these crystals, you can make that more of a reality.

Peridot and spinel may not be as well known as some of the other birthstones we’ve featured in this birthstone blog series, but their spiritual power is just as wonderful. These August birthstones not only look great, but enable success, goal completion, and a boosted self-esteem. Everyone deserves to have the best life possible, and by setting intentions through these crystals, you can make that more of a reality. So, if you’ve been wondering, ‘What is August’s birthstone?’, ‘What colour is August’s birthstone?’, or ‘What are the personality traits associated with them, then you’ve come to the right place. And should you be interested in further spiritual guidance, or psychic insight, then our Psychic Sofa readers are only too happy to help. Give them a call today on 09057897752 (calls cost 80p per minute plus your network access charge) or on 01618640152 to learn more. 

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What Is The Birthstone For August? Peridot Meaning, Colour, History & Spiritual Power

Although the first mention of peridot dates back to the 13th century, its origins have a long history. Ancient Egyptian papyri record mining of these precious stones during 1500 BC. In ancient times, peridot stones were utilised in carved talismans, and inhabitants were forced to collect them for the Pharaoh’s treasury. Legend states that miners worked throughout the day, and night, as the gems could still be found due to their brightness and radiance. Said to protect the aura, and ward off evil spirits, peridot was also believed to enable new beginnings, and help individuals to let go of past hurt or behaviour that didn’t serve their present purpose or future endeavours.


More modern peridot meanings include:


Individuals born under the peridot birthstone are said to have the following traits:

Spinel - An August Birthstone That Cleanses The Aura, Helps You Stand Your Ground & Boosts Positivity


Spinel is a superb stone for rejuvenation, helping to revitalise all aspects of yourself and life where stress, anxiety and intense pressure can take its toll. A great birthstone for workaholics, those who spend their time caring for others can also experience benefits. Connected with energy renewal, spinel can remind you that tough times will pass, and that you can find light at the end of that tunnel to come out stronger on the other side.

Other spiritual power this birthstone for August encompasses includes:

Because spinel has such powerful healing power, there are various other crystals that you can combine with it for the ultimate in protection. For example, topaz, smoky quartz and rose quartz are great for extra security and stability - especially when it comes to workplace and relationship-based turmoil. When it comes to negative thoughts, peridot, moonstone, citrine and carnelian are superb choices, as is Botswana agate and Eilat stone. And when you want to boost your intelligence and mental capabilities, wearing spinel with sodalite, pyrite and malachite can do wonders.

Other August Birthstones - Lapis Lazuli and Sardonyx

As well as peridot and spinel, lapis lazuli and sardonyx are two other birthstones for August that can help individuals tap into their intentions and live the life they’ve imagined.

Lapis Lazuli translates as ‘blue stone’, and the beautiful shades of blue contained within are rich and deep in colour, with gold flecks running throughout. It’s a gem of peace and tranquility, helping to calm tempers, reduce stress and align the mind and body for greater harmony.

lapiz lazuli

Sardonyx is a combination of orange carnelian and onyx, and is available in various colours, such as red, white, brown and black, as well as clearly defined patterns and shades. 


Unlocking The Spiritual Power of Gems

To get the most out of your August birthstones, we recommend various activities, such as charging, grounding, divination and wearing birthstone jewellery.

To charge spinel or peridot, sunlight is always a good choice. The stones will absorb the energies, positivity and brightness of the sun should you leave them in direct sunlight for up to 12 hours, encouraging good things to grow. For a more balanced energy, you can place your August birthstones in direct moonlight, which is particularly useful during a new moon, full moon, or lunar eclipse.

Setting intentions is another charging method that is popular with our audience. To do this, with your palm flat, keep your gem in your left hand. Next, put your right palm on top of it, hovering slightly above. Try your best to relax, and find a sense of calm, with meditation strongly advised. Getting into a meditative state will also help to align your head, heart and higher self for greater balance and clarity. Once your mind is clear, and you feel connected to both your internal and external worlds, set some intentions. These can be for absolutely anything that you would like - perhaps personal growth, true love, inspiration or success. By charging your birthstone with a specific intent, you’re allowing yourself to truly put this out into the universe, so that the universe can show you how best to achieve these beautiful things.

To ground your spinel, peridot, lapis lazuli and sardonyx, simply return them to the earth and cover them with soil. With your mind, imagine the earth is protecting the stones with strong healing power, clearing away any negativity and letting love shine through. As with charging, you can leave your gemstones in the earth for up to 12 hours. Prior to grounding, we here at Psychic Sofa recommend cleansing your stones too.

Divination is a fantastic way to connect with your higher self, as well as the Divine. Along with grounding and charging, rituals that incorporate nature can help you to further connect with the world around you, and to feel more attuned to its energies. Introducing special yet relevant sounds, incense, and sage into your rituals can help you to reach the Divine, and ask him to hear and listen to your intentions. Should you be open to his wisdom, then spiritual guidance will come, and your life will be one of inspiration, good fortune and love. 

Birthstone jewellery is also beneficial to harnessing the power of your chosen crystals, and makes for great birthday gifts too. Our psychic readers suggest looking for birthstone jewellery that features traditional gems, rather than those created artificially in labs. You can find peridot and spinel necklaces, bracelets, rings and brooches in most specialist jewellery shops, and there’s usually lots of great choices. A lovely thing to do is mix and match jewellery, for style and unlocking greater power. However, if you find that you become overwhelmed by all of the energy flowing throughout, please remove the jewellery, and let yourself recover. Knowing your strength is key here, as is keeping you safe and happy.

August birthstones are exceptionally impressive. They contain spiritual power - including healing protection - and help individuals to reduce stress and open up the heart chakra, as well as allow compassion, understanding and care. To see the benefits for yourself, why not enter our competition through our Facebook page? You could win a birthstone necklace or loose stone, and we think all of our lovely readers deserve a gift. For further spiritual guidance, why not enjoy a telephone psychic reading with one of our skilled psychic readers today. You can reach them on 09057897752 (calls cost 80p per minute plus your network access charge) or on 01618640152. With your best interests at heart, our phone psychic readings will help no end, and will give you the confidence to go after the life you want, with your own inherent talents.


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