What does nature say about you?

How nature helps to shape the person you are -Seasons and birth dates

Have you ever compared nature to your surroundings? Or perhaps wondered why you find certain flowers or trees attractive? Perhaps you admire a particular season but have never been able to understand why? Many of us are so absorbed in our own lives with projects, family and people that we don’t pay attention to the cycles of nature and although we are very aware of the surroundings of nature we often forget that we are actually part of it.

You might have noticed for example that you change your feelings or plans with each season. In the Autumn we may start a new learning project and come the Winter snuggle into a new relationship and then at the beginning of Spring we might make plans to move house or start a new job and when Summer arrives we may wish to celebrate something as the earth comes to light.

So because nature forms part of who we are, we tend to change our circumstances unknowingly throughout different segments of time because we all form part of the same energy and spirit of life. You might notice for example that as the leaves fall of the trees you start to fall too, perhaps you fall in love or perhaps you just fall for something else. As the Sun starts to shine you may also start to shine and quite often when the rain begins to pour, we too pour our hearts out in some way. We may let go, we may cry and we may cleanse but whichever one, each season has its purpose and they are all extremely useful and helpful to pay attention to.

One of the most interesting thing about cycles and nature is that when we become aware of our interconnectedness with it we begin to feel a little lighter about life as it brings relief to our souls that life continues to go on and even though the winter comes and flowers may die they spring up again all the same in the next round. Allowing yourself to feel nature and be in touch with nature helps you to become more responsible and receptive and can awaken your senses a little. Perhaps a good start would be to think about your favourite season and what it means to you? Many people discover that their favourite season ties in with the date they were born, which again is evidence that we are in touch with nature more than what we realise. Each of us has a specific purpose to fulfil in our lives and being born under certain seasons helps us to feel the world and its surroundings in a very unique and individual way.

In order to have some fun why not think about the season you were born under and compare it to how you act and feel as a person. Does your season act in the same way? Is it bright and sunny? Or is it dark and intense? Is it full of fruit and flavour? Or is it cool and icy? Perhaps it is a little quirky and full of new and exciting roots. Your season will speak a lot about you and marking the particular day can also be useful.

Autumn personalities are often artistic in some form, they can also be very idealistic and dreamy, not to mention romantic. They like to get involved in activity and can be very good communicators.

Winter personalities can often be peacemakers but can also be cool, dry and detached. Some winter personalities have a serious demeanour and can be incredibly introvert, many who relate strongly to winter are often writers or reflectors.

Summer personalities will more often than not be outgoing, friendly, interested in travel and have some form of leadership capability. They are often considered the life and soul and feel a strong need to be in the sunlight as much as possible. They may even spend most of their time outdoors even when it’s not particularly warm!

Spring personalities often feel very inclined to get things moving. They are “get up and go people” and are good at inspiring others or leading others in some way. They are usually optimistic about life and always find ways around things.

What sort of tree do you feel represents your personality?

Oak: This is a God tree, symbolising authority, strength, endurance and earthly power and can sometimes be a Midsummer Tree – this sort of tree tends to match earth signs such as Virgo or Taurus but in particular Capricorn as it is strong and grounded.

Apple Tree: This is again a Goddess tree, as most fruit trees have white or pink flowers. Apples however are magic! They are creative and full of knowledge and wisdom and is a tree that outlives death. This sort of tree resonates well with Scorpio or Libra like souls as it marks Autumn.

Ash Tree: This is a tree of craftsmanship and represents guidance in practical matters, and is also The Norse Tree of Knowledge from which Odin gained the runes. This can be a good tree for Gemini or Sagittarius.
Pine Tree: Sharp Evergreen tree for protection. It is woodsmoke and is known to offer prayers a ride to heaven, so wishes can be granted if they are truly spoken. A super tree for Aquarius.

Hawthorn can be a great for summer signs such as Cancer or Leo as it marks the beginning of the Summer and is the sacred lover and playmate. This is a tree for joy and fun above other things.

Willow – a great cleansing tree with healing properties and can be great for uncovering the roots of a problem and the cleansing of the spirit , the tree that helps you to have a good cry!

You might also want to pay attention to your birth date number as this can often speak a lot about your personality:

1 Leadership
2 Sensitive
3 Creative
4 Hard worker
5 Adventure
6 Family orientated
7 Investigation
8 Business
9 Idealistic
10 Ambitions
11 Intuitive
12 Artistic
13 Tradition
14 Travel
15 Creative arts/visual
16 Philosophy
17 Ambitious
18 Managerial
19 Independence
20 Impressionable
21 Social gifts
22 Builder in life
23 Adaptable
24 Harmonious
25 Rational mind
26 Money and business
27 Organise others
28 Idealistic/gentle persuasion
29 Highly intuitive and creative
30 Quick witted/writing
31 Community/grounded/tradition

References and further reading:
To find out which tree you are - A Witch Alone : Marian Green


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