Crystals - A beginners guide

A beginners guise to holistic therapy with crystals




Crystal Healing

Tap into the therapeutic power of Mother Nature's treasures


Did you know that the sparkling gemstone in your ring or pendant could have healing powers? Genuine gemstones have been created inside the Earth over millions of years and, perhaps, this gives them a touch of Mother Earth's healing powers. Each crystal is said to vibrate at a different frequency. According to crystal healers, these vibrations can energetically influence your emotional and physical state by turning imbalanced energy to balanced energy, which creates a healthier mind and body. The idea that crystals vibrate is not as farfetched as it might sound. Quartz crystals are widely used in watches, radios and other technological devices because they vibrate at a certain frequency.


Ethical sourcing!

It is imperative that you buy your crystals from an ethical seller. Credible sellers should be able to tell you where the crystals are from and have some knowledge of the mines from which they’re sourced. A holistic approach should always be mindful and respectful.


Choose your Crystal

Check out the properties of each sparkling crystal to find out which could help you


Clear quartz

Description: Ranging from clear to cloudy white

Healing properties: This crystal is the best one for a beginner to choose. It is powerfully cleansing because it absorbs negative energy. So if you're looking to clear out negative thoughts or emotions, or to stop being, mentally, stuck in the past - this is the one for you. It's said to be a good health tonic, too as it strengthens your immune system.


Rose Quartz

Description: Pale, delicate pink that shimmers

Healing properties: Another winner for beginners to crystal healing, this beautiful pink stone has a gentle, nurturing energy. Known as the stone of love, you can use the energy of rose quartz to soothe a broken heart, or to cool down after an argument with a loved one. This crystal attracts positivity so carry it around with you for good luck. Its nurturing energy may help you bounce back from physical illnesses, too. So place it by your bedside when you are recovering from that winter cold virus.



Description: A bright orange-red smooth stone

Healing properties: If you need to make a big decision - this is the stone for you. Carnelian will motivate you to take action by giving you a feeling of confidence. It will guide you to see more clearly the choices in front of you and help you to recognise the best one. Physically, carnelian can make you feel stronger and revitalised. Its orange colour stimulates your sacral chakra, which is connected to reproduction and sexual vitality. So if your libido is lacking, or if you are hoping to conceive, carnelian may give you an energetic boost.



Description: Light yellow crystal

Healing properties: This sunshine stone absorbs and dissipates negative energy and emotions. So use it when you need to lift your spirits. It's also effective for banishing fears and phobias. It is a stone of manifestation, meaning it can help you achieve your dreams. Have a chunk nearby if you are working on a creative or business project.


Rainbow Moonstone

Description: A white stone with flashes of blue and a rainbow of sheen

Healing properties: Associated with the Moon because of its ethereal shimmer, this stone enhances your feminine energy. The feminine principle should be balanced in both genders in order for you to be emotionally healthy and this stone can help with this balance. It can soothe anger and hurt and intensify love and serenity. It will help you find your personal power and inner strength without you becoming overbearing! A very spiritual stone, it can strengthen psychic power or deepen spiritual practice.



Description: Silvery grey metallic crystal

Healing properties: This crystal grounds your energy, which can aid concentration and enable you to learn and absorb information more easily. If you find it difficult to begin a task, hold a chunk of this crystal for a few minutes to focus your mind. It's also powerfully protective so carry one around with you. Said to ease blood conditions, such as anaemia, hematite can also strengthen your physical body.



Description: Deep purple crystal

Healing properties: A highly spiritual stone which can aid your connection to the spirit world when used during meditation. Amethyst can also help you break addictions to substances or to unhealthy relationships or negative situations. Place a chunk by your bed for a peaceful night's sleep. Said to ease aches and pains, try placing amethyst on the source of your pain for some relief.


Tiger's Eye

Description: Caramel brown with golden stripes

Healing properties: Release worries and anxieties that are holding you back with the help of this stone. Tiger's eye is said to soothe raging emotions, allowing you to make better decisions. You will discover your own hopes and dreams with this stone rather than always dancing to someone else's tune. Traditionally carried as a protective amulet, this crystal will help you find your courage and inner strength. Tiger's eye radiates a harmonious energy that may balance a troubled mind, suffering from depression or other mental illness.



Top Tip

Pick a crystal whose properties, colours and feel resonates with you. Make sure the crystal is a genuine stone from the Earth - synthetic stones, glass, plastic or 'crystal' glass does not have any energetic properties.

Rinse the crystal under cold tap water for a few minutes when you get it home - this removes any residual energy. Hold the crystal in your hand and meditate with it for ten minutes per day. Or place it on the part of your body you want to heal. Your crystal won't solve your problems for you - but the stone can give you an energetic boost and focus your intentions.


Note: Always consult your GP if you have a medical problem. Crystal healing should never replace professional medical advice. Never place a crystal on an open wound.



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