Bored, stuck and misunderstood?

Feeling stuck and misunderstood? Time to listen to the inner voice

Many of us may be feeling stuck in a repetitive cogwheel right now. Since Mercury has gone retrograde in Leo many of us are noticing a rather dramatic tone in our communications and in particular this applies to relationships.

It may seem that no matter how hard you try and express your feelings the other person just doesn’t understand; in fact they are perceiving you under a light you didn’t mean to express. This light seems more like the wrong spot light – we may feel rather silly, belittled and fed up in general with the constant misunderstandings.

Take a deep breath and breathe again! Mercury will become stationary on 4th August where we should start to fee a little more level headed and less intense.

When you feel stuck it is important to remember that you are not alone, entering periods of re-evaluation can be good for the mind, body and soul. We can try new things for example and go back over the things which we may have neglected. Taking time out is crucial to our needs and when we find ourselves in a no win situation with siblings, partners and parents we may well feel a need to retreat and do something for ourselves. For example we could try the following:





Redoing our hair, clothing or garden

Many of us go for new looks or new thinking when we suffer drama and dilemma. There is bound to be about three things on every one’s list of things they would love to re-do or even re-try in their lives during retrograde periods of frustration. This would be the perfect time to research a new course that you might like to try. If you are fed up with your hairstyle again this is the perfect time for a new look. Leo loves to be noticed! So use this wonderful energy to revamp your image.

If new styles are not needed in your life then you may be finding that you are thinking back over past issues. Retrograde cycles often have a habit of bringing a few skeletons out of the closet, forcing us to think about things that we have kept tightly in a box. Although it is not always nice to bring ourselves  face to face with inner demons or past lovers the energy that currently sits around us is a great opportunity to explore a little and rediscover. This is because nothing else seems to move when we are facing retrograde cycles with the planets and in particular Mercury is vital for movement and travel not to mention communications. This is why it is never a good idea to start new projects – because the energy falls backwards. Therefore we need to use the energy to go back over things so that we can then take a bigger leap forwards.

You may well be asking yourself why you are feeling so stuck? And what is it you can do to push things forwards. Naturally, many of us will have the urge to try and force or push things but once we come to accept that the time we are being given is about reflection and relaxation we will soon begin to feel calmer about our lifestyles. It is natural for humans to consistently desire something else as we are impatient beings that want things done immediately and we can not bear to miss out on opportunities. So instead, why not try and set some important goals for yourself so that you can be prepared for the big shift at the beginning of August, reminding yourself that everything is about divine timing.

Here are some things that may help you to feel less stuck and more inspired:

Change our way of  thinking

Rather than telling ourselves that we are stuck and that we are trapped we can instead define what “stuck” really means. Being stuck does not mean that we are hopeless and does not mean that there is nothing happening. Being stuck is temporary and offers us the chance to think about where we want to go next. If we didn’t have moments of “stuckness” we would not be able to work out what we really wanted.  Therefore we can repeat the following:

“Feeling stuck is just a temporary state of mind, I am in control and have the power to change my circumstances once I feel ready”.

Why are we stuck?

Sometimes when we are stuck it may well be a sign that we are no longer on the right path in life. It can be easy to mistake feeling stuck for boredom. Perhaps we are no longer happy with our social  lives, our relationships or our careers. Notice the feeling of being stuck. How does it feel? What do you feel you could do to change the feeling? Start my writing out “To do” lists. This will help you to gain some sort of focus and take away the power of the feeling of actually being stuck.


When people feel stuck they often look for distraction. This is because we do not want to allow our true feelings to rise to the surface. We are often terrified of what monster will reveal itself in our worried minds when we come to a standstill. We have two choices in this case. We can either look for a distraction or we can deal with the monster.

If we deal with the monster how will we feel? We may feel bad and low at first but ultimately something has to go so that change can begin and it really is that simple.

On the other hand  if you would like to try and distract yourself then it may well be wise to think about a light meditation that will ease your worries gracefully, you may even try swimming or humming to yourself quietly, basic rituals have a habit of stimulating our thoughts and bringing hidden answers to the surface!


Good luck ! 


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