Clear out your clutter!

Getting rid of the things you no longer need to make room for new opportunities

All too often we hold on to things that we don’t actually need. If we shove something away in a cupboard or tidy away old paper work under the bed we feel good in the sense that it is no longer in our sight, therefore it can not irritate us. What we forget however, is that the more clutter that surrounds us (whether visual to the eye or not) the more we actually feel cluttered too!

If you were to clear out all your draws for example or clear the space on your desk you would automatically feel clearer and more focussed in your mind about things.This works in exactly the same way with spiritual clutter. Spiritual clutter usually occurs when you haven’t been paying attention to your needs and when you let other thoughts take over your mind; this is known to affect lightwokers in particular. The truth is that when you do any sort of spiritual work you are connecting with souls on very deep levels and sometimes you are not even aware of what it is you are taking in.

When we feel cluttered we feel stressed, we feel tense and we feel like we can not function properly therefore it is important to:

Take note of your surroundings
What are you thinking and why? Is it even important?
Are you reaching your goals? If not then why?
Are you taking on tasks that aren’t really significant to you?
Are you allowing people into your life that want to drop their clutter on to you?
Can you handle their clutter?
If not then simply stop!

Things to think about

• How much clutter do I have in my home? (Your clutter often speaks great volumes about your mind)
• Do I need this clutter? Can I get rid of it? Can I give some of it to charity?
• The psychological process of getting rid of clutter can work wonders. If you are feeling like you can not focus on anything then simply de-clutter your environment around you – it can be a very soothing and pleasurable process!
• Are my routines taking over my life? If you have routines or habits that you feel you could abandon or break up ever so slightly then that might be a good idea. Sometimes we think are routines are useful when in fact they are draining us, we just don’t see it until we try a new routine. Breaking cycles can make way for new ones, allowing you to feel more inspired.. Once you have de-cluttered think about how it makes you feel in mind, body and spirit
• Now try and think about the clutter in your mind – perhaps write down a list of all the things you think about in your mind that you feel distract you from reaching your goals, then d burn it.

You can even do an affirmation:

“I release old thoughts that no longer serve me purpose
I welcome in new thoughts that are positive, uplifting and inspiring
I feel refreshed, I feel revitalised, and I feel clear in mind, body and spirit”.


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