Cosmic order your life away for the New Year!

Discover how to get what you want for 2012 just by placing a cosmic order!

Cosmic ordering is described as a spiritual practice that allows you to obtain anything you wish from the universe. Many people are starting to touch base with this system of cosmic ordering just like you would for online shopping! You can now order what you want to through the cosmos of positive thinking. The general concept of cosmic ordering is understanding and knowing that you deserve something. If you dwell in low self esteem and pity then it will be harder for the cosmos to hear your wish. Knowing yourself is one of the most fruitful things you can do as a human hence taking the time to love yourself with the acknowledgement that you truly deserve good things is sure to bring you prosperity, abundance and good luck!

You may have already used cosmic ordering or cosmic thinking without actually being aware. For example, you may have dreaded being in the company of someone in your family circle and wished so hard for a miracle to happen so that you didn’t have to go to that reunion after all, and then miraculously something has popped up at the last minute. You may have thought that it was just a coincidence but in actual fact it is the cosmos hearing your silent call!

Many people are starting to write out “wish lists” for the New Year so that they can live a divine and peaceful 2012. They are preparing themselves for set backs that they do not need and instead asking the cosmos to help them out with their work situations and relationships. It’s the perfect way to start the New Year! Through preparation and wishes! Perhaps you’ve been dreaming about your future husband/wife? You may already know what they look like or what profession they are in. You may even be thinking about that dream house you want to buy with the perfect garden and perfect landscape. This is the beauty of cosmic ordering, you can order absolutely anything you want and it can actually happen!

If you do not know what it is you want to order into your life, yet know there is something missing then try with some basic steps first. Spend a day being perhaps being gentle with yourself and then allowing yourself to take note of others. Be compassionate towards them and try and see into their worlds. Do they look happy? Do they look carefree? Then ask yourself is there anything I could do to help others? Sometimes when you help others, you find a key that opens up another doorway to yourself. You can also find answers by getting in touch with nature. You could go for a blissful walk in the woods, kick the leaves up with your feet and admire the red berries or you could go for a run. Exercise is a fantastic way to get our brains working again and automatically makes us feel more alive and energetic, all the best for a good cosmic order!

How to cosmic order

• First of all let go of any negativity
• All negative thoughts must go, no matter how big or small
• Believe that you deserve the things you want
• Know yourself and love yourself
• Then go to a place where you feel free from hassle
• Sit and think about what is you wish to obtain
• Speak to your inner self and then speak to your guardian angel
• Then either in your mind or out loud tell the universe your wish!

(Remember it’s not necessarily what you do to ask it’s the way you go about asking and the power you feel from within when asking) You know when your wish has been heard because you will feel like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders. You may even feel a little bouncy with an overpowering sense of happiness and peace.

Things to try

Rid the things you no longer need. There may be many things that 2011 bought you that you do not want a repeat of in any way in 2012, so a good way to insure they do not happen again is to visualise the negative situation in your head and banish it. You can imagine sea salt cleansing away negative feelings or perhaps a powerful bright light that rids all the negative circumstances that you experienced in 2011.

Create your own form!

You could create your very own cosmic order form so that it is confirmed to you. A perfect time to write everything down would be under a Full Moon. Use red candles for positive energy to enhance your wish. Once you have completed your cosmic order list you could either keep the list behind a precious photograph frame that means something to you or sleep with it under your pillow, ticking off your orders as they gradually start to trickle in to your life.

Visualise beautiful circumstances and scenery

Is there a place you want to go to in 2012? Is there a particular project you want to build? Or do you want the perfect days with the perfect atmospheres? You can have them! Close your eyes and visualise beautiful places, it could be as simple as a lush green park with a magic wishing well or it could be a holiday that you’ve always wanted to go on. Perhaps you just want to visualise peace and wellbeing? Whatever it is you want to welcome in you can do so by finding your perfect space and ordering in the things you feel you deserve.

Plant your thoughts and wait for them to grow!


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