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11 Ways To Spot A Liar

Sometimes a little white lie can spare hurt feelings and smooth over awkward situations. But when lies are used to deceive you on important issues the damage can be devastating. ...

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Cosmic Connections

Do you believe in fate? Fate isn't the idea that your life is pre-determined. The choices you make every second of every day will determine the course of your life. But fate is the idea that nothing happens by chance. ...

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Common Law Of Attraction (LOA) Mistakes Most People Make

You’ve probably heard or read about the ways in which the spiritual and universal Law of Attraction works to manifest your heart’s desires. Whilst some people seem to experience instant manifestation success, others fail to attract their dream scenari ...

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Are You Living Your Purpose?

There are many people who live life believing that there is a reason for everything. The belief that we all have a purpose, and are here on Earth to make a difference is usually the driving force behind wanting to know what your life purpose really is. ...

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How the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Inspires Kindness

A look at the benefits of the ALS ice bucket challenge and how it helps inspires acts of kindness. ...

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Spiritualise Your Life!

A look at the ways you can make the most of and spiritualise your life! ...

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Why Do Bad Things Happen?

Looking at the reasons for suffering from a spiritual perspective. ...

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Dealing with Anger

How to deal with the emotion of anger in a spiritual way ...

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What do we mean by Ascension?

Some interesting information about our personal spiritual journey. ...

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The Law of Giving

The benefits of giving and fulfilling your life ...

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