Dealing with criticism

A ritual to help you with criticism.

No one is perfect as we know, but sometimes it can be very hard to take criticism lightly, particularly if you put all your efforts into something and just get an “ok” for it. Whether it’s a university project, a business plan or a piece of art work , we want to feel rewarded for what we do and appreciated.

However, it is important to remember that not all criticism is meant to be nasty, and sometimes even constructive criticism can be taken in as pretty harsh, when really, it wasn’t meant to be. A good way to deal with criticism is to simply put an overprotective coat on (even imagine that you have one on) take the bits you need from the criticism being given, accept it if you can and then move on.

Any information you need to remember will automatically sit in the back of the subconscious mind and if you wrap it up sweetly you will be sure to use it wisely and gracefully next time round. However if you have major problems accepting criticism and feel as if you have been treated unfairly then the following may well help you!

This exercise is best performed under a Waning Moon.

First of all find yourself a piece of paper, a pen, a magic marker, a post it note and a fireproof dish.

1. Write down on the piece of paper every word of criticism that has been spoken against you. Write them down how you wish. (Sometimes bullet points can help)
2. Highlight any points that you feel can be used as constructive criticism. I.e: the things you can learn from (what you will then be left with is a list of negative points)
3. Look at each point and ask yourself how you can learn from them and how you can change your way of thinking and behaviour so that each criticism can never be held against you. For example (your boss may not have liked your new idea, but rather than take it personally try and see his/her perspective. Perhaps he/she was having a bad day? Or perhaps he/she didn’t see your side of logic at the time so perhaps he/she has helped you in the sense that your mind will now be even more open to other new exciting ideas).
4. Once you have turned the negatives into positives simply repeat: “I am now free from disagreements (or whatever it is you need to feel free from) and then repeat it. “I am free from….. I am free from….”
5. Next, copy each of the criticisms on to a sticky note and put the ones you think are valid to one side and the other in a fireproof dish and then set them alight (always in a safe place) then as they burn, focus on the flames and say:

“These words I hereby disclaim
Let them perish in their flame
And it harm none so be it”

When you have finished the ritual take the other sticky notes and put them on a wall or a surface where you will see them everyday – even your bathroom mirror! Now every time you see them for a month, take them in and think about what you can learn from them. After than month has passed take the sticky notes into a sacred or safe place and ritually burn them in the fireproof dish again saying:

“May what is negative
Be replaced by positive
And it harm none, so be it”

Spell idea – The Book of Spells – Michael Johnstone


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