Fun Ways To Satisfy That Empty Feeling

Not everyone feels ecstatically upbeat and happy all of the time. Sometimes you may be feeling out of sorts, or at a loss, for no particular reason.


Fun Ways To Satisfy That Empty Feeling


Not everyone feels ecstatically upbeat and happy all of the time. Sometimes you may be feeling out of sorts, or at a loss, for no particular reason. At other times life’s challenges and lessons may get you down and make you feel like you are in a void. When this happens it is common to experience a feeling of emptiness inside, and to think that something is missing. Provided there are no major upsets in your life this feeling is usually temporary.

There are many ways to fill up and satisfy that empty feeling wherever it arises. Choosing a fun way to fill the gap makes life much more interesting and exciting.

Explore Your Passions

Everyone has a passion in life. Some people are fortunate enough to have time to enjoy their personal passions every day. Others, who are less fortunate, tend to forget about the things that really give them pleasure and make their heart sing. Your passion is whatever puts a great big smile on your face. The hobby, or pastime, that you completely lose yourself in is your passion. This could be art, creative writing, photography, music, dancing, gardening, baking, hiking, riding or just about anything.

Whenever you feel overwhelmed by a vacuum of emptiness, take your attention away from the feeling and focus on something that makes you feel good inside. Spend some quality time indulging in your passion. Commit to 30 minutes, and before you know it you’ll be swept away by the sheer pleasure and enjoyment you are feeling.

Hit The Open Road

Get out on the open road and take a drive or a bike ride somewhere scenic. Getting behind the wheel can be a therapeutic and almost meditative experience, particularly if your spontaneous journey offers a decent view along the way. Turn the music up, open the window and leave your cares behind you. As you drive along your emptiness will disperse and will be filled up with inner calm and peace.

Talk To The Animals

Get up close to a furry friend and satisfy your fulfillment cravings. Animals intuitively tune into how humans feel and respond accordingly. Pamper your cat, enjoy some playful exercise with your dog, or lavish attention on your preferred breed of pet. Bonding with animals instantly makes you feel connected and loved, and you quickly forget about twinges of loneliness or emptiness.

If you don’t have a pet consider volunteering at an animal sanctuary or shelter. Or offer to look after a friend’s pet.

Lose Yourself

Snuggle up in your favorite chair, turn the pages and lose yourself in a good book. When was the last time you got so engrossed in the plot of a great story that you completely forget about time? Reread your favorite book, choose something new by your favorite author, or challenge yourself to explore a totally new genre. Let your imagination run wild as you absorb yourself in the characters and plot twists. Reading is an excellent form of escapism that is not solely reserved for confirmed bookworms.

Relive Your Youth

Fill your void in the way that you did when you were a small child. Young children are usually so busy having fun that they don’t have time to ponder over the absence of a feeling. Let your hair down and play up like a big kid.

Do Good Deeds

Focusing on the needs of others is an effective and practical way to detach from your feelings of emptiness. When you give unconditionally you automatically begin to feel ‘full’. Treat an elderly neighbor or relative to coffee and cake, help someone out with household or garden chores, and be an active listener for anyone who simply wants to talk.

To satisfy your temporary empty feeling, call one of our psychics today.


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