How to read Auras including your own!

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An Aura has been described as a field of subtle, luminous radiation that surrounds a person or object and it is believed that we all manifest an aura that often denotes a power or spiritual vibe that some describe as holiness. Various writers associate personality traits with auras and they have been described as a map of our thoughts or feelings.

Literature of Theosophy, Anthroposophy, and Archeosophy explains that each colour of the aura has a specific meaning, which indicates a precise emotional state. A complete description of the aura and its colours was provided by Charles Leadbeater, a theosophist of the 19th century. Research into auras has since developed and many spiritual healers and psychics use a variety of different colour techniques to determine what the aura of the individual represents.

Robert Bruce (born 1955) an English-born mystic author living in Australia believes that auras are divided into three types: etheric, main, and spiritual. According to Bruce auras are not an actual light but a translation of other unknown sensory readings that is added to our visual processing. They are not seen in complete darkness and cannot be seen unless some portion of the person or object emitting the aura can also be seen

Not all of us can see aura’s straight away but it is very easy to learn how. People who are gifted with Clairvoyance find this very easy and can often describe the colours and energies that make up the aura of the person they are linking in with which then assists them with the reading. Sometimes auras can be sensed or visualised from a far distance, but most of the time they are seen physically surrounding the person .
You may have already noticed energy changes within people or have picked up how you feel around a certain person. For example if someone has a light aura then you may feel relaxed around them, and if someone’s aura is blocked then you may feel unable to connect with them.

If you want to practice studying the aura’s of those around you then simply pick a time where your mind is open and relaxed. You can do this anywhere, such as a shopping centre or a public space where energies may filter in and out allowing you to recognise how you feel; you might even see an energy around a stranger or a light. Practicing reading auras in depth however can be done by asking for volunteers such as friends, acquaintances or relatives. A good way to get started is by imagining that we are all vibrant energies. Allow yourself to take in the other person’s energy, notice how they move, speak and react. How do you feel when you are around them? You might feel alert, inspired, happy or even sad!

The best way to make a connection with someone who is allowing you to read their aura is to first of all look directly at their third eye chakra which sits above the brow this is the energy centre where we connect with spirit and our higher selves and is like a sixth sense. You can imagine an indigo colour with the third eye, this will help to open you up to the spiritual aspects of that person’s aura and you may even begin to see a light straight away depending on the person you are connecting with, some auras will appear straight away to you, whereas others take a little longer to emerge. Many clairvoyants choose to hold the hand of the person they are reading for as this helps them to connect, it is also possible to view your own aura and most clairvoyants will already have a good understanding of their auras either by practicing themselves or by asking another reader to clarify.

Connecting with your own aura:

First of all start by looking at the aura around your hands. At first you will only see your etheric body, which is the aura nearest your physical body, but with patience and practice you will begin to notice layers by allowing the mind to meditate.
Next, sit in a comfortable chair facing a pale, plain wall. It is not a good idea to sit in direct sunlight or artificial light.

Then, ground yourself by imagining a strong red light at the bottom of your feet which centres you and stabilises you. You could even imagine that your feet have roots, holding you firmly on the ground.
Now stretch out your right arm, with the back of your hand facing you. Look at the space between your splayed fingers and the wall, without looking directly at either of them. Relax your eyes.

You may start to see a fuzzy white or grey outline around your fingers, so keep focussing as this is your aura. Keep looking at the space between the wall as the grey or white outline will start to change colour and often turns blue first. Once you see the colour around your hands you can then turn your attention to focus a little more around your head space.

Now you will need to stand in front of a mirror with a plain, pale wall behind you, grounding and balancing yourself like you did before. Then, look at the space above your head, letting your eyes relax. You will experience a similar process like you did with your hands and the colour should turn to blue again. As you become more sensitive and more progressive with this technique you may well begin to notice colours changing and you might also start to crave certain colours or wear certain colours. For example if you were attracted to blue all of a sudden then this might suggest a need to speak your mind a little more as blue rules the throat chakra which is blue in colour. You can keep a record of your colour changes in energy by allowing yourself to remain in tune with chakra meanings.

Red/Base chakra - Grounding and action
Orange/Sacral chakra – Optimism and confidence
Yellow/Solar Plexus chakra – Creativity and mental agility
Green/Heart chakra – Love and kindness
Pink /Heart chakra– Affection and compassion
Blue/ Throat chakra- Communication and knowledge
Indigo/purple/Brow chakra – Psychic ability
White/Crown chakra – Spiritual evolution

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