How to Start Manifesting Your Dream Life

Manifesting is all about asserting your desires into the universe and then taking positive actions to make them happen. Here’s how to get started.

Living the life of their dreams has too often seemed like an impossibility for our readers. How can we blame you? Between juggling work, children and an active love life, there’s very little room to think ahead! Still, asking yourself questions about what you want to achieve is important. 

What does your best life look like? Is it filled with all the good fortune that you deserve?

Manifesting simply refers to the idea that you can think your dreams into reality! From creating a vision board to speaking to a psychic, as long as you have a clear vision of what you’d like to accomplish, there are limitless opportunities to be attracted. 

Learn how to start manifesting your dream life through the expertise of Psychic Sofa. 

manifesting by writing

Ask the universe for what you want – but write it down!

The most important part of manifesting is asking the universe for what you want very clearly – leave nothing to chance! – and then immediately writing it down. Manifest on a scrap of paper or in a dedicated diary; the choice is up to you. However, always be direct in your demands. For example, if you’re looking to improve your love life, describe your soulmate in as much detail as possible. Pictures are even useful sources of inspiration, which is why we recommend creating a vision board, as explored below.

The more exact you are, the more powerful your manifestation will be. 

Create a vision board that speaks to you

When creating a vision board, it’s important to remember that this board is a reflection of your innermost self. Create it in the beautiful colours, images and dreams truest to you. It helps greatly to piece your goals together with images, as you have a tangible view of what you want to achieve in the future. Always allow your mind to wander – you might end up including things on your vision board you’ve never thought about before! 

Hanging your board up where you’ll see it often is also a great inspiration. We recommend your bedroom, office, or even the living room; wherever you spend the most time. 

Speak to a psychic for clarification

At Psychic Sofa, we have a great selection of clairvoyants and other psychic partners that provide invaluable clarification on your wants, needs, hopes and dreams. 

Psychics can help you access the unanswered questions you have about your current life, and even interpret your feelings and dreams, which aids your manifestation journey. If you’re feeling mentally blocked or vibrationally low, a reader can help! 

The best manifestation occurs when you’re ready to accept inspiration and connect with the universe. 

Start a journal

Journaling has often been an outlet for our readers, where you jot down your thoughts and feelings throughout the week to reflect on later! Journalling is a brilliant exercise for therapeutic and meditative purposes, but journaling with the intent to manifest is somewhat different.

The thoughts, feelings and hopes that you write down won’t be a stream of consciousness, but of clear and dedicated thought. From a gratitude-themed journal to a professionally made manifestation journal, this medium can be customised to centre on what you’d like to achieve. 

You can even trick your brain into thinking you’ve already attained your goals! 

This is called scripting, where you write as your future self. Describe your feelings and lifestyle in detail – how is your new promotion going? What about your new relationship or the increased salary you’ve just received? It’s more effective than you might think.

When your manifestation begins to come true, these journals are a treasured possession to look back on how far you’ve come. You’ll feel more appreciative, grateful and pleased than ever – all qualities that help bolster and secure your manifested dreams.

making a vision board

Manifest love and gratitude

Love and gratitude are at the beating heart of the universe, which is why we keep affirming these qualities throughout this article! First, manifesting only works if you’re appreciative of the love you have in your life right now, and are always grateful for what you do have. But – as our second point – you can absolutely manifest greater love and gratitude in your life. 

The law of attraction is a potent force. Draw in better friendships and stronger romantic relationships by manifesting individuals who are attracted to you and your future self – the self that your manifestation will mould and create. Describe their qualities and personalities in detail. 

As manifestation requires, you must take steps to receive this love. Meet new people through connecting on dating apps, meeting in a friendly workspace, or even in the coffee shop you frequent. 

Yes, you can manifest money too! 

Whilst love and gratitude are the emotions and experiences central to good manifesting practice, you can also manifest money! Unfortunately, the world revolves around money. This means that, the more you have of it, the greater potential you have to make your dreams come true. For most of us, financial abundance is hard to come by. That’s why financial manifestation is centred in appreciating what you already have – even if you’re struggling to pay the bills. Raise your vibrational level and prepare yourself to welcome the money and abundance coming your way; it’s essential to avoid focusing on what you don’t have as this restricts your power to manifest. 

Buy a bigger purse, or write an impressive cheque to yourself, knowing that you’ll be able to make the most of these items in future.

Take active steps towards your dreams

As we’ve suggested, manifesting takes concentrated effort, and that’s not only limited to writing what you want on paper.  You’re collaborating with the universe to accomplish your dreams – not against it! Take active steps towards the hopes, wishes and loves in your life. 

For example, are you struggling to attain that promotion you’ve always wanted? Start networking, and don’t be discouraged! Forge positive relationships with the people in your field, practice for a job interview and update your CV. 

Seek the assistance of Psychic Sofa, today

New to manifestation, and looking for expert advice to aid you in your journey? Speak to a reader within the impressive Psychic Sofa database, filled with spiritually gifted psychics who can advise and comfort regarding all aspects of your life - from your love and relationships to your career and numerology

Connect with yourself, and with the universe at large.


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