Magic Herbs and Spices

A look at the different uses for herbs and spices, and the magical properties they hold!

Herbs and spices add taste-bud tingling flavour to your food. But did you know these pungent plants are said to have magical properties, too? Many cultures have used the magical and medicinal qualities of herbs to heal and protect: from the shamans of the Amazon to the Medieval Christian monks tending their monastic herb gardens. Societies in-tune with the natural world have always been aware that herbs and spices have an unseen power.

Today, derivatives of herbs and spices are used in medicines and natural remedies to help with all manner of ailments from easing headaches, to aiding weigh loss, or for a restful night's sleep. But herbs and spices can have a positive effect on your spiritual self as well as your physical self.



Spice up your life

Here are some of the most potent herbs and spices you'll find in your kitchen cupboard.

 *Herbs are usually the leafy, green part of the plant, while spices are typically dried parts of a plant such as, berries, bark, roots, fruits or seeds.


This is a lucky spice to have in your kitchen, which is supposed to attract money, and good fortune; use it to flavour meats or cooked fruit. As you are sprinkling it on the food imagine adding wealth and prosperity to your life. This spice is said to fill you with energy and determination. Add a few sprinkles to your bath for an aromatic, energising soak.


Place inside and outside your home for protection against negative energies. Put it into your bath for psychic purification.


This spice is said to promote restful sleep, free from bad dreams. Put a pouch under your pillow.


Put basil in a new home to attract good luck. This fragrant but spicy green herb is considered an aphrodisiac. So add it to your food when you are cooking for your beloved. This herb is sacred to the fiery Roman god, Mars.


It's not just vampires that this pungent herb is said to repel, so place it around your home to keep bad energy at bay. Rub it onto cooking pots to dispel negative vibrations from your culinary efforts. Well-known for its medicinal benefits, garlic is an infection-fighter that is also helps keep your heart healthy.

Bay Leaf

Bay is sacred to the ancient Greek god of divination, Apollo. So place this leaf under your pillow and you may receive a prophetic dream. Write your wishes on a bay leaf then burn it and imagine your wish becoming reality. Carry a bay leaf in your purse for protection and good luck.


Use camomile incense for meditation and relaxation. Drink in a tea before bedtime for a good night's sleep. It's also said to attract wealth.


Add a pinch of this aromatic spice to your food, tea, coffee or hot chocolate. Said to help you get in touch with your spiritual side, cinnamon is supposed to stimulate clairvoyance.


If love is on the cards, add cloves to your food to ensure a passionate evening. Make a pomander by sticking cloves into an orange. Its scent will freshen up your room and it is said to promote abundance in your home.


Add fennel to your food to ramp up you libido and to promote fertility. Sprinkle its seeds around your home for protection.


Fiery root ginger will spice up a romantic evening. It will also sooth digestion, boost confidence and energise.


A herb for cleansing and purification, put it into pouches and hang it around your home.


A cleansing herb that brings a fresh, revitalising scent to your home, use it to refresh the energy in a room. Put a dried mint leaf in your purse to promote monetary abundance.


Add this delicately fragrant spice to a stew to attract prosperity.


Banish negativity with a few grains of black pepper sprinkled in each room of your home.

Poppy Seeds

Carry a couple of these seeds in your handbag to attract luck and money to yourself.


The herb of the home with a wonderfully feminine energy, rosemary is said to promote harmony at home and ensure a happy, loving marriage. Sprinkle rosemary-infused water in a room to promote healing when someone is unwell. Rosemary has a strong fragrance which smells delicious when it is burned as incense.


Expensive and potent, put a couple of strands of saffron in a pouch and hang it around your home to attract love and luck. It is also said to lift your mood and awaken your psychic powers when eaten in a meal.


Burning a bundle of dry sage leaves is the most popular way to cleanse a new home of residual or negative energy.


This fragrant leafy herb is said to attract loyalty and favourable opinions from others. Burn it in a fire-proof dish to purify your home.


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