Make your visualisations come to life!

-The power of seeing

Visualisation is an inner power that we all own and have the ability to tap into. It has also been described as an act of God in the sense that the Power of Sight acts in the mind of man. When we visualise anything we are automatically drawing a connection with a higher force of energy and allowing ourselves to reach out within the knowledge or hope that we can bring the visualisation into a more tangible experience.

We all experience different types of visualisations, some of which are unexplainable, but the majority of visualisations can be used as a positive affirmation that encourages us to think rationally about the future, such as seeing a beautiful house that we want to move into or visualising the perfect job. The spiritual benefits of visualisation can produce great physical results as our energy levels change; we start to feel more flexible and optimistic. If we practice our own visualisations we can also begin to heighten our spiritual awareness towards others as one of the main benefits visualisation enables you to do is connect with your higher self leading you to manifest your deepest desires.

Getting in touch with your visual side can be tricky as so many of us respond to “seeing things” in different ways and many of us find it hard to relax. However, it is more straightforward than what we realise as learning to visualise is literally like watching a video- you can simply play back different scenes and images over again. This is something we do all the time without even being aware. For example, you may be trying to find a place you have never been before on a map or are perhaps going to see someone you have never met – naturally the mind imagines what the person or place looks like by visualising it first, and interestingly many of us experience visualisations without even realising it.

For example you may have once dreamt as a child that you would live in the perfect house with a big garden or that you’d find the perfect partner forgetting that as time has gone on you have all those things. But those thoughts are easily dismissed because they seem like obvious things to want and desire, but if we allow our minds to relax a little more it is possible to achieve absolutely anything we want just by visualising it. It may seem like a strange concept to come to terms with at first but if you believe that we were all created in the image of God or a higher force of energy then creativity and visualisation is the key to huge success. Painters and artists over centuries have used this technique and have come to find that the more creative their thoughts are the more powerful their lives become– yes you really can live in your dream!

The first step to visualisation is to determine exactly what you want and create a definite plan which can be as creative as you want it to be. You could simply let your mind wonder or you could even paint ,draw or write it out if you are artistic. It is always important to be honest with yourself and the universe when visualising anything; ask yourself what you want to achieve and then ask yourself if you feel you deserve it, as you must feel that it is your right. Never use any form of visualisation to cause harm to another either as this will often have the reverse affect. However we can wish for others to open their eyes and see things clearly with light.

Once you have affirmed what it is you wish to create tell yourself that you have the power and insight to bring good things into your life and to help others achieve theirs. When visualising, sometimes it helps to see the universe as a positive ball of energy that transcends radiance and light to those that need it, therefore each and every time you visualise something you are also touching other peoples’ prayers and sending peace through power thoughts – this actually makes the visualisation much more powerful and you should be able to feel the vibration as you send out your wishes, remembering that abundance and prosperity are more gladly received if those around you are happy too.

The more powerful your thoughts the more the visualisation will start to work. Next physically see yourself in your desired circumstances, think about colours, think about people and what it is you want to achieve. If you are in a situation that you feel is impossible to break out of you could do some creative visualisation such as imagining yourself cutting through the swords that surround you with a chainsaw or that you are accomplishing a hurdle with a great reward at the end.

Perhaps you are winning the marathon? Whatever it is you want to break through do the visualisation that suits you and do it three or four times a night so that you know nothing is going to defeat you. Then, once you have visualised it, write it down and confirm it to yourself over and over again until you feel mentally satisfied – you should feel a big rush of adrenaline. Even if you are having the toughest day, retreat back to your image in your mind’s eye and go over it again. The true beauty of visualisation is that you can do it absolutely anywhere and no one can take it away from you.

Because your visualisation is a powerful and secret wish that you make with yourself it is not a good idea to communicate what you wish to achieve to others. It is also important that you do not talk to yourself about it out loud either as the greater the accumulation and build up of energy the more satisfaction and growth. Your wish will also feel safer and more realistic if you keep it within your self only.

Happy visions!


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