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How to focus your thoughts

You do not have to let your thoughts destroy you. If you are in a bad mood you may well assume that it is because someone or something has put you in that mood. You may blame the taxman or you may blame the postman for being late or you may even blame a relationship for your mood that hasn’t quite gone the way you anticipated. But actually, the only person that is destroying your mind is you and your thoughts.

Although our minds are powerful instruments, we do actually have the ability to deal with the thoughts that we encounter as we wish. The mind is filled with so many different thoughts, emotions, ideas and expressions that quite often we lose focus and let them take over our working and social lives.

It can be hard to find peace within the mind and much of it is mind over matter. The question is, can you actually calm your mind? And instead find an inner sense of peace?
Believe it or not, our minds become even more powerful and controlled when we allow ourselves the freedom and space to choose what we think. Some of us spend too much time dwelling over the passing thoughts that we encounter that we become too restless to even think about putting the kettle on and everything becomes a hassle rather than a pleasure.

Thoughts constantly come and go and you can either choose to reject them or accept them. We don’t always have to follow negative thought patterns but they can be very hard to shift once you are swimming in that cycle.

If you take a few moments each day to reduce the amount of thoughts in your mind you can actually attain mastery where you can focus on absolutely anything without the negative baggage that lingers in the back of your head. Believe it or not, a calm mind is actually a powerful mind. If we are calm then we are able to deal with surprises when we least expect them. Whereas if your mind is constantly jumbled then you will suffer when coming face to face with a surprise that you really don’t need! Tony Robbins, life coach speaks about problems as being “surprises that we don’t want”. The point is , he explains, is that we all need problems otherwise we would have nothing to stimulate our minds and nothing to really think about. Problems are there to help us grow so that we can deal with life.

We are all capable of handling life’s difficulties, if first, we can handle ourselves! And a great way to start this is by attaining inner peace and freedom within yourself first.

True mind control does not mean that you have to let go of all your thoughts, not for a minute, but what it does mean is that you focus on one thought at a time. In order to achieve this however it does require a strong sense of will, consistency and a relaxation. So gaining mental mastery comes from within alongside having personal coaching, or keeping up the willpower to even coach yourself can be a huge achievement. There are many self help books on mind mastery and gaining inner peace, it can literally take a period of six weeks until you feel wide awake and in control of your mind and thoughts.

According to Remez Sasson one of the main characteristics of self discipline is the ability to forgo instant and immediate gratification and pleasure, in some favour of some greater gain or more lasting and satisfying results , even if this requires effort and time. Many people mistake true self discipline as a punitive or restrictive lifestyle but it is in fact a form of inner strength and staying power.

Many people speak about pulling in positive, optimistic people as they go through the process of mind healing without even realising. The overall sense of peace results in a freedom to expand from the true desire and yearning of the soul’s restraints that have usually been blocked for quite some time.

The inner mind peace we experience when we finally let go of the negative thought patterns can be like breathing in a summer breeze or watching the Sun go down. You can of course experience a similar tranquillity in your mind due to the fact that all energies are connected.

Things to help:

The next time you experience a negative thought or a thought that is frustrating you, simply ask yourself:
Is this a thought I need right now?
Is it really something that I need to deal with now?
Am I gaining pleasure from this thought now?
Is this thought making me feel bad about myself right now in anyway?

If you answered yes to most of those questions then the chances are it is not a thought that you need in that moment. It doesn’t mean that it is a thought that you don’t need to deal with (only you can decide that) But if it is going to save you time and stress by not thinking about it in the present moment then simply try the following:

Put it in a box, lock it up with a key and then come back to it later!

Yes! You can actually do this! Believe it or not, if you visualise a little box with a key it can work. Do this first by thinking about the colour of the box and perhaps what it looks like. Then distribute all the thoughts that you don’t feel you need into the box. Then lock it up with the key and put it in a safe place or give it to one of the Archangels to look after, such as Archangel Michael. Then, when you feel ready, come back to that thought but only allow yourself a certain amount of time to think about that thought. Say fifteen minutes? Then you put the thought back into the box after that time has come to and end and then deal with it again, until you have reached an appropriate cause of action.

Remez Sasson
Tony Robbins


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