The collective consciousness

What goes on behind the scenes of our thinking.. Some interesting information!

Whatever we think and feel is created by a consciousness and an inner sense of awareness that relates to all universal life themes. For instance, some might say that physical laws in the universe are not entirely fixed but more a set of rules that can be shaped accordingly by our collective consciousness in the sense that we grow into an idea and develop it in our own unique way, as our natural instinct will guide us to.
As humans we often look for short term fixes ignoring the underlying issue that is causing us to crave the fix in the first place. We may not be aware of our needs enough to know why we cavort off into certain directions or aspire towards certain topics, not to mention relationships and people with whom we choose to socialise with in a very subconscious manner.

For example many of us fall into relationship traps or career traps that make us feel unworthy or disrespected in some way, yet , more often than not we find ourselves repeating the same sequences. Therefore you could argue that we are subconsciously soul searching in order to reframe patterns of negative behaviour which then automatically brings forwards the notion of inner growth and a level of awareness that is more potent than what we had perhaps recognised before,  which consequently lead us to our destination.
Many researchers and philosophers believe that we end up in vicious cycles because we have not fully understood or appreciated the inner soul journey enough (the lesson which needs to be learnt in this life time). It is also believed that we are unconsciously driven towards certain types of people for a very specific reason. In astrology for example, we can see how the planets align or aspect each other which forms a life lesson between two or more individuals. This can also apply to the individuals’ career path and so on.
Therefore the blueprint of someone’s life may well lie amongst the stars and in our collective consciousness there is perhaps a knowingness for challenges that coincide with relationships, finances and work. Many astrologers and past life regression therapists believe that certain lessons are implemented into our lives no matter how big or small for this reason – to live and learn, to evolve and conquer our spiritual growth and purpose. However, each individual has a different lesson to learn, some of which may be karmic from previous incarnations in the sense that they are completing a cycle ready to venture into the next one.
In essence, the subconscious is the portion of the self of which the individual is unaware, yet which still exerts control over the behaviours, desires, and drives of that individual. It is a behaviour that goes beyond ego to enable some form of identity. What many therapists aim to do when tapping into the subconscious mind for example is to bring the subconscious into consciousness, so that the patient may become aware of why he or she behaves in certain fashions. [1]The Jungian “collective unconscious” is important when considering its other, “collective consciousness” because it suggests an original set of archetypes common to all members of a group, and out of which they formulate meanings, contexts, and patterns within the group. Tapping into the collective conscious is a tremendous way to find out why you behave in certain ways or choose to identify with certain people.  There are also many ways in which one can go about delving a little deeper and many decide to take the route of astrology, past life regression or even hypnotherapy.
Interestingly, many choose to look into their identity and characteristics by studying their astrology chart, in particular the twelfth house in astrology will inform you about your collective consciousness. Planets in the twelfth house of astrology often speak about what is hidden within ourselves and some refer to the twelfth as being very karmic and quite often depending on the planetary aspects of the twelfth we can find ourselves “paying off the debts from a past life”. The twelfth house rules Pisces which is a spiritual and also very private sign and planets that sit within the twelfth house will speak about matters beyond our control but can represent both our hidden weaknesses and strengths. We may find ourselves in situations beyond our control in the twelfth house because we are collectively unaware and this will usually relate to our spiritual senses and our subconscious, the part of ourselves that we are not consciously aware of.
Many of us adapt to each other’s thinking without realising, we may mimic or express what others think and feel through body language or feeling, we might feel particularly low or happy without understanding the true reasons or dynamics behind it and fairly often it is due to the receptivity of our intuition and ability to absorb our surroundings.  We frequently experience familiarities amongst each other and patterns of repetition amongst both family or friends and  we may be drawn to so many specifics for a wide variety of different reasons.  In terms of science many experiments have been conducted also to prove that our collective consciousness is very much something that exists. An example is [2]Sheldrake, Radin, a biologist  who conducted numerous telepathy experiments on human beings, demonstrating that people can sense the thoughts and intentions of others across space and time.
This research included a study on a common experience called “the sense of being stared at.” It worked by separating two people in a laboratory setting, with the first person hooked up to equipment that monitors his or her nervous system and the second person staring at the first person at random intervals on a closed-circuit television, researchers collected evidence for the existence of this phenomenon with statistical “odds against chance“ of 3.8 million to one.

Sheldrake also demonstrated in a number of studies that we can assist each other's learning across distances, without any external interaction or communication. In one study, for instance, a group of individuals completed a newly created crossword puzzle, and their average completion times were recorded. The same puzzle was then broadcast to millions via TV, for the viewers at home to complete. Subsequently, a new group, who had not seen the puzzle at all, finished it significantly faster than the original group, suggesting that as a result of so many individuals having done the puzzle, knowledge of the puzzle was somehow etched into the field of collective consciousness, making it increasingly easier for others to solve.
Many of us may have  already encountered  similar  experiences to this without realising, we may pick up words or phrases or even feel and see things that feel alien to us but in truth much of what we see, feel , think and hear has already passed through us and integrated into our consciousness leaving a mark that we automatically push to the back of our minds. Many gifts can be found in the collective consciousness , for example artists and writers who channel information often express a feeling of  guidance which is attached to their expressions and pursuits.
Unexplainable gifts could even be the residue of past life regression. We can tap into our subconscious thoughts just by raising our levels of awareness using meditations or mindfulness.
If you feel you have something to express then  why not  try some simple meditation exercises on line and see what you come up with!
With love and light x  x


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