How to relax!

Some steps to help you

Relaxation may seem simple and obvious to many of us, when we finish our daily schedules and chores we may decide to veg out in front of the TV, take a nap or even go for a walk but how can we really appreciate what relaxation is?
The actual key to relaxation is to be able to recognise when you are under too much pressure, only then can we really appreciate the release of tension. For example, when we tense our muscles up and then let go we feel an instant sense of relief and  may even feel inclined to do it over and over again.

This may be the reason why muscle relaxation therapies have become so popular. Believe it or not we actually forget how to relax! We forget to take time out for ourselves and really appreciate our surroundings. Relaxation can be found in the simplest of circumstances, even just allowing yourself to escape into a quick daydream will help you to regain your sense of self back.
Learning to develop  unique relaxation skills will also help us to deal with pressure by implementing certain techniques and strategies. We will then begin to feel calmer and more in control of our lives, and this applies to work both  and relationships.
Emotions are pretty powerful things! Sometimes they have the ability to take over our entire beings and daily routines. We may not feel like talking, attending work or going about our usual household chores. But one of the things we fail to take account of during intense periods in our lives is that no one can actually make us feel weak unless we give them permission to! Making a mental note of this can help, such as a stick it by our bedside table and a self programmed thought. “No one has the power to interfere with my daily routines”.  You may feel this is a pointless task, but ultimately it can be an essential key to taking control and you will feel better for it, particularly if you are a sensitive person.
 Work pressures
We are not always aware of our symptoms when it comes to stress in the  work place and we don’t always show these on the surface, in fact most of us do not realise when we are becoming flustered until we arrive home.  We may experience feelings of hopelessness even though we have tried our hardest at work and may feel particularly snappy towards our loved ones. We may even feel the need to shut down completely,  forgetting about the things we use to enjoy and treasure. This is why it is so important to recognise the symptoms when you are partaking a difficult task or project. You can automatically begin to adjust to the setting by becoming your own self help coach. Start by seeing pressure as a sort of dream. For example, as soon as you feel yourself beginning to lose focus or feel yourself getting impatient or restless pinch yourself! Or try tensing your muscles up and then letting go. These are simple techniques that can be achieved subtly  under stressful conditions.
Next recognise your breathing – has it become more frequent?
Let go and just think about breathing, you will automatically feel calmer.
Testing ourselves
You look how you feel! If you feel good on the inside then you will radiate beauty. Remember that thoughts become things! If you are feeling tense socially then it will usually be the result of negative thinking or a string of thoughts you have found incredibly hard to let go of. As a consequential result people may find us unapproachable and react differently than what they would if we were thoroughly cleansed inside. If you feel mentally blocked visualise a clear white light running through the top of your head down to your feet, flushing away unwanted thoughts – you will be amazed by the results!
If  you want to practice looking and feeling good through relaxation simply try affirming to yourself daily five or six things that you love about yourself. It will be against the rules to bring in any negative thoughts, all you need to be focussing on is the positives.
Make a list: For example:
  • I love and appreciate my gift of generosity towards others
  • I really like the way my eyes sparkle
  • I feel blessed for having flawless skin and healthy teeth
  • I love the fact that I am passionate about so many things
  • I’m so lucky to have such a vibrant energy
Remember that in order to see the true benefits you need to make it part of your lifestyle. If you want to prepare yourself for any pressures that you are already aware of, you could also try the following each and every morning:
Bear in mind that the small amount of time you spend relaxing your body muscles  and controlling your breathing each morning will surplus throughout the duration of the day .
Simply find a comfortable place to sit with no distractions and sit in a comfortable position speaking softly in your head calming words that will help you to stay focussed such as “I will remain calm at all times, I feel calm, I am calm”.  Next , place one hand on your chest and the other over your diaphragm , then breathe in slowly through your nose so that the hand on your chest remains still.
Then, hold your breathe if you can for a few seconds max and breathe out slowly through the nose , releasing as much air as possible.
All you need to next is repeat the process until you feel calmer and ready for the day ahead. You may even wish to get creative and visualise a golden light of protection surrounding you as you breathe out through your nose.
Good luck!
With love and light  x   x


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