Meet Your Higher Self

How to reawaken the divine spark that's already within you

Meet Your Higher Self
Did you know that you are divine? Well, it's true! Everyone has a spark of divinity already inside them, just waiting to be woken up. Your link with the divine is called your higher self, also known as your soul.
When you have a tarot reading or a psychic reading, the answers or guidance you receive comes from your higher self. Think of your higher self as a non-judgmental best friend who can see the bigger picture and can advise you on life decisions - if you are willing to ask and listen. Another name for your higher self is 'intuition', the sense of knowing that's inside everyone but can become blocked out by the whirl of daily life.
Caught up in the material world, it's easy to forget that you are actually a spiritual being having a physical experience. In other words, the material world becomes all absorbing for many people meaning you lose touch with your higher self so your link to the divine becomes blocked.
Getting back in touch with your higher self will open you up to a wisdom that can make your path through life flow smoothly and for your highest good.
Understanding your higher self
Your higher self is the eternal, authentic you. Your physical body and physical experience is just one aspect of yourself. Your higher self is, partly, the wisdom that knows the best choices and right actions for you in order for you to achieve your fullest potential. Your higher self will guide you towards decisions and outcomes that are good and beneficial for you. Ignoring or going against your higher self may lead to negative situations.
Your higher self is your direct line to the divine. It is your personal life guide and the key to achieving your most fulfilling destiny all rolled into one. It's what spiritual teachers mean when they say, 'the answer is within'. This can seem mysterious until you realise that they're talking about your higher self. You already have the answers. All you have to do is ask.
What your higher self can tell you
Every problem can be solved and every barrier to success can be broken down if you turn to your higher self. But this divine part of you would never suggest solutions that could harm or hinder others. All advice that comes from your higher self will be to the benefit or yourself and the good, or at least not at the expense, of others.
Your higher self can:
*Help you remove obstacles to finding love
*Tell you whether you current relationship is working for your highest good
*Reveal the best career for you
*Help you be true to yourself
*Help you feel comfortable with yourself
*Increase your confidence
*Deepen your spirituality

Contact your higher self
You can tap into the wisdom of your higher self at anytime. In fact, the more often you try it, the easier it will become. Set a time once a week to re-affirm your connection. Use this time to ask any questions or problems that you need clarity upon.
Break down blockages
Before you begin, you need to make sure there is nothing blocking your connection and preventing you from tuning in to your higher self.
1) External bocks: If you are using substances, like alcohol, to fill a void, you will not be able to hear your higher self. The voice coming through will not be your true self. So make sure you are wide awake and in a positive frame of mind before you begin.
2) Internal blocks: The biggest block is simply not listening. If your mind is racing over a hundred-and-one other ideas you will drown out the sound of your higher self. Your higher self has many voices: advising, warning, compassion, reasoning, confidence boosting - so pay attention to what you are told.
3) Ego: Your higher self is about finding the right path for you. It will not tell you that you are better than others because everyone's soul has divine value. Your higher self will tell you what is best for your highest good, not how to gather up lots of material wealth for yourself. Your ego has a voice, too, but this is a voice grounded in fear.
For example:
Ego says: 'You have to pretend you like doing X or you'll look stupid!'
Higher self says: 'Politely say this is not for you and remove yourself from the situation.'
Make the Connection
*Choose a time when you are feeling calm and positive. Find a quiet, safe place to sit.
*Close your eyes. Imagine yourself standing in a beautiful, inspiring setting. Perhaps you choose a garden, or a beach or a meadow. Pick somewhere in nature that you feel inspired.
*Imagine a figure approaching you. As s/he gets closer you can see that the figure is yourself. But you look different to your earthly self. You look happier, more radiant, calmer and the other you is surrounded by a bright white light. This figure is your higher self.
*Begin a conversation with your higher self. Ask him/her about a problem that is troubling you. Hear the reply. Know it is for your highest good.
*Don't try to ask too many questions in the same session, keep to one or two issues.
*When you are finished, thank your higher self for his/her wisdom and slowly come back into the present moment.
*Another way to contact your higher self is through writing.
In a positive and open frame of mind, ask your higher self to guide you. Perhaps light a candle or put on some calming music to create a spiritual mood.
-Then ask yourself a question.
-Immediately write or type the reply. Don't allow yourself any time to think about the answer, just write down the first thing that comes into your head.
-Persevere with the questions and answers until your higher self gets through. This may take a few attempts.


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