New Moon in Scorpio

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A New Moon in astrology is the lunar phase that occurs when the Moon is in monthly orbital motion around the Earth and lies between Earth and the Sun. Therefore, it is in conjunction with the Sun as seen from Earth. During a New Moon we do not actually see the Moon as it faces almost directly towards the Earth. Many people find this depressing; especially those who are sensitive to the Moon’s cycles and sometimes when a New Moon occurs it can make us feel as if we are “starting over again”. As if we have been on holiday and now have to face a new cycle and it can seem a little empty without a trace of moonlight in the sky. If you are a water sign or have your Moon in a water sign then the New Moon can strongly affect you as the Moon always connects with our emotions and any water sign is linked to emotion and feeling (Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer).

Interestingly, this New Moon about to hit on 26th November is in the water sign Scorpio, with the Sun also being in Scorpio at present this should have quite a profound impact and Scorpios will undoubtedly be feeling rather driven to say the least! But Scorpio is all about transformation and it is said to be the most powerful and intense sign of the zodiac so we can use this powerful energy to transform ourselves and start something new and many of us will just have uncontrollable urges.

Scorpio’s motto is “I desire” and they are well known for getting what they want as they are determined and forceful and do everything with passion. Perhaps now is a great time to think about your passion and what it means to you?

A great quote by Jonathan Cainer is: “Passion and Perspective are like Sunshine and Starlight, you rarely see both at the same time”. In order to gain the perspective we must live out our passion first! So go for it!


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