New Moon in Taurus 2024: What It Means for Your Star Sign

The New Moon in Taurus promises exciting beginnings for each star sign - but what does it mean for you? Psychic Sofa explores this in this blog. Read here.

On 8th May 2024, 03:22 am GMT, we’ll be greeted by a New Moon in Taurus. This signals new beginnings and opportunities, and you’re probably wondering what this could mean for you. 

Let’s take a closer look at what the upcoming New Moon in Taurus means and what’s in store for you.

What Is the New Moon?

In astrology, the New Moon occurs once a month when the sun and the moon are aligned in the same zodiac sign.

Scientifically, the New Moon is when the moon and sun are at the same exact angle (at a zero-degree alignment). This means that the moon appears invisible, not reflecting sunlight for three days or so. 

What Is a Taurus New Moon?

As the New Moon signifies new beginnings and a fresh start, a Taurus New Moon emphasises the act of doing things that are tangible. After all, Taurus is goal-oriented.

This makes the Taurus New Moon a perfect time to set intentions and finally act on reaching our goals or milestones. 

taurus moon

What It Means for Your Star Sign

Let’s explore what you can expect for the New Moon in Taurus depending on your star sign! 


For the charismatic and lively Aries, the New Moon in Taurus signals a time for you to focus on your finances. We know you can be impulsive, but practise patience! 

Self-care tip for the Taurus New Moon: Consider creating a new savings goal for something that you’ve been wishing for, i.e a new phone, laptop etc. 


As a hard-headed but loyal Taurus, the Taurus New Moon is the perfect time for you to begin anew. Take all of your worries, mistakes, and concerns from the previous month and wipe them clean. Now’s the time for some much-needed TLC.

Self-care tip for the Taurus New Moon: Allow yourself to indulge in something that you’ve been meaning to do, whether that’s finally booking your next hair appointment, or simply upgrading your old phone to a new one. 


Geminis are known for their quick-thinking and imaginative minds, but being the life of the party can have its downfalls. Bottling up your stress and worries has likely taken a toll on your body and mind. The Taurus New Moon is the time for you to change that. 

Self-care tip for the Taurus New Moon: You need rest - so make sure to rest! Listen to your body and engage in meditation and exercise. 


Those born with the sun in Cancer are loving and compassionate, fitting for the zodiac sign that’s ruled by the moon. The New Moon in Taurus represents a time for Cancerians to focus on their own innermost desires, instead of nurturing others. 

Self-care tip for the Taurus New Moon: Take a break from being the shoulder that everyone leans on, and find a shoulder to lean on yourself. Think carefully about what you envision for yourself in the near future, setting a specific goal in mind for yourself. 


As a fire sign, Leos truly reflect the prowess and boldness of a lion. The Taurus New Moon offers the perfect opportunity for you to establish your legacy and focus on your goals. 

Self-care tip for the Taurus New Moon: Go big, or go home - your innate charm and confidence is needed during this time. Apply for that promotion, or go for a career change, this is a time for major milestones. 


The practical and analytical nature of Virgos make them routine-makers and planners, with hardly any room for spontaneity. The Taurus New Moon is about to change that. Don’t be afraid to take risks, Virgo!

Self-care tip for the Taurus New Moon: Try something new that might’ve always interested you, such as a new sport, or something as simple as knitting or crocheting! 


Libras strive for balance and harmony in all aspects of life, and the Taurus New Moon further enhances the introspectiveness that Libras possess. Look inward towards your fears and vulnerabilities - is there a way to face them?

Self-care tip for the Taurus New Moon: Outline your fears and/or vulnerabilities. Are you able to confront any of them? Take baby steps towards confronting them to finally release the grip they may have over you.


Scorpios are independent individuals by nature, but the Taurus New Moon is the time for focusing on relationships and love. You may find yourself meeting a potential long-term partner, or thinking about future long-term plans with your current partner. 

Self-care tip for the Taurus New Moon: Express your love and gratitude for a partner or loved one, whether that’s through gifts or words. 


The New Moon in Taurus is a time for habit-setting, curious and loyal Sagittarius. You’ve probably formed both good and bad habits, and now’s the time to end the bad ones for good. 

Self-care tip for the Taurus New Moon: Create a list of your habits, highlighting the ones that you wish to commit to, and the ones you want to avoid.


The Taurus New Moon invites you to reconnect with your creative and playful side, which can seem difficult for the organised Capricorn. Allow yourself to make mistakes, and don’t blame yourself for it. 

Self-care tip for the Taurus New Moon: Have fun, get creative, and unleash your inner child. Challenge yourself to make something, whether that’s a painting or something else. 


Aquarians are regarded as creative and assertive, but they struggle with structure and organisation. This manifests itself in hoarding sentimental items or other belongings that evoke memories and nostalgia. 

Self-care tip for the Taurus New Moon: Donate, throw away, or sell unwanted belongings, tidying and organising your living space for a less cluttered mind. 


The upcoming New Moon in Taurus offers a great opportunity for the intuitive Piscean to spark interesting conversations. This might mean talks of new projects or promotions, or simply improving relationships with family members and friends. 

Self-care tip for the Taurus New Moon: Think before you speak. Practise meditation and breathing exercises to help you calm your mind and purge negative thoughts. 

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