New Moon Solar Eclipse!

Get prepared for the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius

There will be a New Moon Solar Eclipse on 25th November in Sagittarius. New Moons bring changes, but because we have a solar eclipse as well this one should bring in extra special changes! They should be powerful and full of excitement!

Sagittarius rules publishing, travel and foreign connections so anything to do with these areas in your life could bring exciting news to you. Eclipses always get our attention inviting rebirth into our lives - you may have already started to experience slow changes taking place already? This is a great time for thinking ahead and making new plans for the future.

Perhaps you have noticed your circle of friends changing? Or have already started to make new travel plans? Because Sagittarius is full of philosophy, spirituality and learning you may feel drawn to education or learning something new in terms of spirituality. This is a brand new cycle we are about to begin so it should be enjoyed. Sagittarius likes truth and honesty and welcomes freedom, so perhaps it’s time to be honest with yourself about the things you need to leave behind in life?

What happens during a solar eclipse?

A solar eclipse is when the moon passes in a direct line between the Earth and the sun. The moon's shadow travels over the Earth's surface and blocks out the sun's light as seen from Earth. They don’t tend to happen very often, perhaps a few times a year and tend to happen around New Moon phases. Many people have spoken about intense changes and experiences during New Moon Solar Eclipse phases and often feel the build up of the energy just before it happens. Perhaps use this rather special New Moon to cosmic order something wonderful into your life. It can be absolutely anything!

Happy wishing!


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