What Does Your Lilith Sign Say About You?

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Also known as the dark or black moon, your lilith sign can say a number of things about you. If you are looking to explore your true potential, then finding out about your lilith sign can help you embrace your weaknesses to empower you to become stronger… despite how counterintuitive that may sound. 

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Okay, So What Is a Lilith Sign?

It’s difficult to determine the exact origins of Lilith who has been labelled a goddess, a she-demon, and a witch. In the Bible, Lilith appears as the first wife of Adam, but she refused to be subservient to Adam, instead fleeing to the Red Sea and bearing lilim (demons).

Meanwhile, the contemporary feminist movement propelled Lilith as a feminist icon, celebrating her bold attempt to claim independence and equality as Adam’s wife. Despite early depictions of Lilith as a demon, Lilith is now considered as a powerful female symbol for autonomy, sexuality, and feminine power.


What Is Meant By Black Moon Lilith?

Similar to Lilith’s persistence against being submissive to Adam, the Black Moon Lilith, also known as the Dark Moon Lilith, represents an untamed energy within yourself that cannot be silenced. 

In particular, astrology dictates that the Black Moon Lilith is located along the moon’s orbit when it’s the farthest from Earth, the lunar apogee. This means that your Black Moon Lilith placement on your natal chart can symbolise many things, including your most inner desire.

Interested in learning more about astrology and your birth chart? Read through our published articles for a deeper understanding.

How Do I Find My Lilith Sign?

There are many online sources that are available that can help you identify your lilith sign. In particular, all you need is:

  • Your date of birth
  • Your exact time of birth
  • Your city/location of birth

Once you discover what your lilith sign is, our astrology readers at Psychic Sofa are more than happy to help you unravel what this means alongside your sun sign and moon sign. 

So, what does your Black Moon Lilith placement mean for you?

Lilith Sign in Aries

If your lilith sign is in Aries, then you are probably someone who values a little competition. In fact, you prefer taking the lead and find someone else taking charge a little bit uncomfortable. Embrace this confidence in yourself, and don’t be afraid to proactively place yourself in leadership positions.

Lilith Sign in Taurus

When in Taurus, you might be wary of self-indulgence, especially if you have been shamed for it before. However, your deepest desires are all about self-care, no matter if that affects your relationship with others. Whether that’s splurging on a new bag you’ve been eyeing or going away on an exotic vacation, there’s no shame in treating yourself.

Lilith Sign in Gemini

In Gemini, your lilith sign is literally telling you to speak out. You might have trouble voicing your thoughts in a conversation, or you struggle with communicating your thoughts clearly. Perhaps you’re scared to ask too many questions or have too many things to say. Don’t be. Allow yourself to speak freely - don’t be afraid to state your own opinions.

Lilith Sign in Cancer

It’s without a doubt that you tend to place others’ needs before your own, but this also means that you’re worried about how others view your innate selflessness. You’re sensitive to how others perceive you. Offer yourself the same compassion that you show to others, and don’t be afraid to rely on them too.

Lilith Sign in Leo

You’re naturally charming and confident, so you have no trouble becoming the centre of attention wherever you go. With this in mind, you might come off as vain or arrogant to some. However, you don’t always like the spotlight on you - have the courage to step out of the limelight and share your wins and achievements in private. 

Lilith Sign in Virgo 

Perfection is your middle name if your lilith sign is in Virgo. Yet, you’re almost embarrassed about your strict organisation. After all, you have laid-back friends who are able to do spontaneous things. You pretend to be like them, but deep down, you know that you’re craving routine and organisation. Be yourself! You don’t have to be spontaneous. 

Lilith Sign in Libra

If your lilith sign is in Libra, you’re an individual that desires a perfect balance and harmony in all of your relationships. While you might avoid disharmony, remember that you can’t solely control the equilibrium. Don’t waste too much of your time and energy in restoring relationships that you should let go of.

Lilith Sign in Scorpio

This Black Moon Lilith placement is one that is most closely linked to the powers of seduction. This is due to Scorpio’s association with sexuality and the body. You might feel ashamed of your innate desire for intimacy, but remind yourself that it’s normal to want intimacy, regardless of whether that’s sexual or on a spiritual level.

Lilith Sign in Sagittarius

You’re prone to bouts of curiosity, and have an overwhelming sense of wanderlust. Despite this, you’re cautious about exploration and may feel unsettled about how curious and restless you are. Life is about the journey - so, take your time when it comes to exploring and learning something new. 

Lilith Sign in Capricorn

Your ambition and determination is what has helped you climb the career ladder, and you’re quite proud of your success - rightfully so. Yet, you still feel that you haven’t accomplished enough. While you’re tempted to continuously follow new ambitions after completing previous ones, don’t forget to take the time to unwind and relax. 

Lilith Sign in Aquarius

Meanwhile, when in Aquarius, you have a natural sense of humanitarianism and wanting to make a difference. The status quo doesn’t influence your decisions - in fact, you’d rather feel connected on a collective level with the community. Collaboration is your hidden skill here - use it.

Lilith Sign in Pisces

When your Lilith sign is in Pisces, you’re in luck! Literally. You’re a truly intuitive person, but your sense of escapism means that you tend to get lost in your dreams and thoughts. It’s time to stop avoiding the reality in front of you and unleash your inner creativity.

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