7 Ways to Tell Your Fortune!

Getting a glimpse into the future is top of most people's wish lists. Imagine how easy those big decisions would be if you already had an inkling what would be for the best!

Fancy finding a fortune teller for a peek into your future? Find out 7 ways to have your fortune told.


Getting a glimpse into the future is top of most people's wish lists. Imagine how easy those big decisions would be if you already had an inkling what would be for the best! While the future is never set in stone, because it depends upon the ever-changing choices of you and others, tools of divination and fortune telling are useful guides. These mystical tools can help you see new possibilities and can reveal alternative ways of thinking so you can keep your options open. Here are seven ways to tell your fortune.

1) Tarot Reading

These powerful cards are a spiritual way of guiding you through life. Tarot links to higher powers to reveal what is happening in all aspects of your life from love to money and career to home and health. Tarot helps you tap into the wisdom you need to make the best decisions in your life and understand why events are happening and how you can improve them. Best interpreted by a professional reader, the cards contain faces, symbols or suits, which have been used as divination tools for hundreds of years. Tarot readings are very detailed and personal as each card influences the meaning of another, so you get lots of specific information in a reading.

2) Scrying

One of the oldest forms of divination, the word 'scrying' means to reveal. Scrying can reveal messages about what decisions to make to achieve your best future. It involves looking into a reflective surface, such as a mirror, a crystal ball, or another polished crystal or even a flame. It's a visual method of divination, so your message comes in the form of a vision or image. You relax your mind into a meditative state, then gaze into the surface or flame, allowing your mind to float freely and your eyes to relax and blur. Think of your question, then see what images appear on the reflective surface. Images may appear like symbol imagery in a dream, so you will need to think about the visual message you receive to tease out its meaning.

3) Pendulum

A way to tap into your intuitive powers, a pendulum is an object suspended from a short chain or string. The object can be a crystal or it might be something sentimental to you, such as a trinket or key. A pendulum can provide 'yes' or 'no' answers to your questions. It rotates one way for positive response and the other for negative response. You hold the pendulum in your fingers out from your body and ask it to rotate 'yes', then ask for a 'no'. Once you've established which way it is moving, you can ask your questions. The pendulum is said to connect you to a higher power, such as spirit guides or angels to provide your answers. Others believe that it's helping you connect with your own intuition to help clarify what you already know, deep down.

4) Automatic writing

True automatic writing is performed by mediums, who connect with Spirit and produce writing directly from the spirit world. However, the term automatic writing has become popularly used to describe intuitive writing, which is accessible to all. Intuitive writing is a message from your subconscious which is delivered in the form of a written message. Get yourself into a relaxed, meditative frame of mind. Then write with a pen or pencil onto paper. Allow your writing to flow without thinking about the words you are forming. This is your intuitive message. You could meditate on a specific question before you begin the writing to get an answer on a particular issue.

5) Palmistry

Is your future written on your hand? Palmistry is perhaps the divination method that most often springs to mind when thinking about foretelling the future. This is because it is one of the oldest fortune-telling methods, along with scrying. Palmistry is the art of reading the lines on your hand to predict possible future events or reveal character traits. With roots in Chinese, Indian and Roma cultures, the reader analyses your life line, head line, heart line, fate line, marriage line, money line and many more to build a picture of what could happen in your future.

6) Horoscope

Your horoscope is the alignment of the stars and planets at the time of your birth. For thousands of years, this heavenly arrangement has been used by astrologers to predict a person's wealth, health, career and love life. While sun sign stars are ever popular in magazines and newspapers, they barely scratch the surface of this science of the stars. Getting your natal chart drawn up by an experienced astrologer can provide an extremely detailed glimpse into your possible futures.

7) Angel cards

A very accessible divination device, these cards are infused with angelic energy to give you a psychological lift. Although many versions exist, each card generally contains an uplifting message along with a beautiful angelic image. You think of your question, then shuffle the pack and ask your angel to guide your choice and answer you. Then you pick a card to reveal your message.

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