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From materialising love, confidence and success, through to inspiring creativity and imagination, these crystals can impact lives in only good ways. But what are the May birthstones, and what are the May birthstone colours?

May may symbolise bank holidays, new births and the blossoming of beautiful flowers, but the power its birthstones hold are far more impressive. From materialising love, confidence and success, through to inspiring creativity and imagination, these crystals can impact lives in only good ways. But what are the May birthstones, and what are the May birthstone colours? From agate and emerald through to red garnet and peridot, there is much to choose from, each offering opportunities for spiritual growth, and healing. In this month’s blog, we’ll provide insight into these gems and more, and offer guidance on how to utilise them to enhance your life. There’s lots to learn, so let’s get started, and teach you all about these stunning stones. And if you’re looking for further guidance, we suggest a psychic phone reading with one of our lovely psychic readers today. You can reach them on 09057897752 (calls cost 80p per minute plus your network access charge) or on 01618640152.

may birthstones

Agate Birthstone Meaning, Popular Colours & Spiritual Power

Agate stones are created in stripes or layers, and form part of the chalcedony family of crystals, being one of the most popular. Available in a great range of colours and types, they can be striped, speckled and even translucent. Formed by the laying down of microscopic quartz fragments in bands, they have long been admired for their capacity to establish balance between the physical, emotional, and mental planes. Because the stone’s makeup is rather complex, this aids its mystical quality, and allows charging with a whole range of energies and intentions - making it great to use when there’s a lot on your mind, and much that you desire. Agate has also been used to harmonise the Yin and Yang energies that circulate throughout life - balancing opposite forces and providing strength to those who are searching for the positive when life is getting them down.


Each agate type offers varying healing and spiritual powers, and these include:

agate birthstone

In comparison to other birthstones, agate crystals radiate energy at a much lower, and more gentle frequency, and therefore, are a great tool for those looking to slow down, and find peace within all aspects of their life. Helping everyone connect with the Earth’s energy, agate can bring harmony to your mind, body, and spirit. When feeling out of sync, or unbalanced, this May birthstone can recalibrate and realign you. By linking you to the earth, it can restore balance and help you find your centre, allowing you to move through life with more grace, stability and ease.

Emerald Birthstone - History, Colour & Spiritual Power

Emerald is a green variety of beryl, formed in the earth’s crust, and is believed to be the stone of knowledge and subsequent action, wealth, success and service to humanity. The word ‘emerald’ comes from the Sanskrit word meaning green, with other sources calling emerald: esmeralda, emeraude and smaragdus, as well as smaragd or izumrud. In various cultures, this May birthstone was believed to cure eye diseases, reduce eye strain and enhance eyesight. Persians believed in the magical medicinal powers of the crystal to cure stomach aches, jaundice, liver and body pains - claiming it brought calm and relaxation to the birthstone wearer. In ancient Greece, emerald was used as a solution for hemorrhoids and epilepsy, whereas in Hindu tradition, it’s been considered a laxative and dysentery cure. 


Beyond this, green emeralds have been recognised for their ability to help predict the future, and therefore stop enemy enchantments, being popular among magicians and shamans. This May gem can also:

What’s more, emerald jewellery provides protection from negativity, keeping it at bay, and allowing positive affirmations to break through, and touch your soul.

Other May Birthstones - Red Garnet & Peridot

Alternative gemstones include red garnet and peridot, which offer the following healing benefits:

Red Garnet - The commitment stone, red garnet symbolises love, revitalises feelings and brings forth warmth, understanding, compassion and trust to any relationship where intentions are set. A bright red, fiery crystal - it’s believed to be one of the oldest used for spiritual protection since time began. Its name comes from the Latin ‘granatum’ - which means, ‘pomegranate’, because of how the stone looks like the seeds of this fruit.

red garnet


  • Garnet also represents the beginning of passions, and has been worn to increase attraction and libido. This gem is said to harness the healthy sexual energies of deities such as Venus, Cupid, and Aphrodite - among others. By utilising garnet in your daily spiritual practice, or even during tantric activities, you can boost your sexual prowess and enhance confidence in your natural sexual abilities - only good things to come.

  • A symbol of the Sacral Chakra, this crystal can also aid in the development of life passions - especially creative ones. This May birthstone can enhance confidence in your artistic and self-expressive activities - whether they involve images, words, music or other such talents. Garnet stimulates the brain and creates new ideas and concepts in fresh and exciting ways.

  • Fire energy flows throughout this healing stone, and fire itself is the spiritual representation of transformation. If you’d like to change anything related to your spirit, or your soul, using garnet can help you start this process, by boosting the movements and vibrations within your body. This helps you separate from the energies holding you back, and transform into the person you’d like to be.

Peridot - One of the most rare gemstones, as it only comes in one colour - green, although its varieties are quite wide (from light yellow green through to dark brownish green). Due to its shades and energy properties, peridot is used to open up the heart, and allow success, harmony and good luck.

  • This birthstone for May brings sweet energy, kindness and compassion. It helps to let go of negative feelings by promoting renewal and regeneration. It’s for this reason that the gemstone is used during times of romantic conflict, helping to soothe emotions and bring about resolution to difficult situations.

  • In the more yellow tone, it can help with self-esteem issues. Wearing a long necklace or pendant that reaches the solar plexus area can create strong shifts in one's energy body. This birthstone further promotes a happier mood, encouraging optimism and the belief in a better future.

  • When the gem has brown mixed in with the green, it’s a powerful grounding instrument. As such, it’s good for those who experience difficulties in being emotionally present with both people they care about, and within situations that matter the most to them.

Enhancing Your Birthstone’s Power

To get the most out of your birthstone for May, there are many easy things you can do. These actions include: Charging, grounding and adornment.

Charging your stone helps to boost its spiritual energy, and a nice way to do this, is via sunlight. Placing it in direct sunlight for up to 12 hours will help your birthstone to absorb the sun’s power, and have it flow throughout. To balance this energy, placing the crystal in moonlight is the way forward - especially during a new moon, full moon or a lunar eclipse.

birthstone charging

Is there something in particular that you’re after? An alternative way to charge your birthstone is through setting intentions. To do this, place your cleansed stone in your left hand with your palm flat. Then put your right palm on top of it, a few inches above. Finding calm and relaxation can assist, with meditation highly recommended. A meditative state allows you to connect with yourself at a much deeper level, ensuring you know wholeheartedly what you truly want.

Set intentions when you feel connected to your internal world (you will feel your heart beating, oxygen circulating throughout your body and your blood pumping), and when you can sense the spiritual and healing powers of your birthstone. These intentions can be for anything you’d like, though are most strong when they resonate with the birthstone’s properties. 

To ground your gemstones - ie, to help you connect to the world around you - you can bury them in some compost. Ensure that the earth is fresh and that it feels “clean.” Close your eyes and imagine that the compost is surrounding the crystals in loving and healing embrace, purifying it of any and all impurities, hindrances and negativity. You can leave it there for up to 12 hours. Grounding should be done as the final stage, after birthstone cleansing and charging.

Want to have your birthstone with you always? Birthstone jewellery, or carrying a loose stone around with you, can assist with spiritual healing too, and they make for the perfect gifts. Traditional birthstones tend to offer the best support, because artificially-created, or lab-created stones won’t have the same properties, or benefits. Though wearing your birthstone will produce the best results, you can also wear other stones to boost its energy, and even the energies of those you love who were born in those stones’ months. 

If you wear your birthstone all of the time, it may lead to feelings of too much energy, or being overwhelmed. In this case, we suggest that you take a break from wearing your birthstone necklace, bracelet or brooch if this happens. Place them somewhere safe while resting, and then, when you feel ready - start wearing them again, allowing their energy to flow throughout.

From inspiring creativity and the confidence to speak one’s mind, through to promoting healthy and happy relationships, May’s birthstones provide useful tools to live the lives we crave. To discover this for yourself, why not take part in this month’s competition, for your chance to win a birthstone necklace or loose stone for a friend, family member or as a lovely gift for yourself - we think you deserve it!  For any more information on birthstones for May, or for spiritual guidance, we recommend having a telephone psychic reading with one of our trusted psychics today. You can call them on 09057897752 (calls cost 80p per minute plus your network access charge) or on 01618640152, and they’d very much like to help.



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