Nurture Your Natural Psychic Abilities

A look at the signs of natural psychic intuition and how to nurture and develop it.

Do we all have psychic powers?

It is a common misconception that psychic abilities are gifted to a select few of us. The reality is that all of us possess psychic intuition, just in varying degrees, and you may have psychic experiences more often than you let yourself believe. Discovering a sixth sense usually happens in early childhood, when our minds are open and unburdened by the everyday stresses that we face as adults. Children are more susceptible to the spirit world, and therefore more likely to connect and communicate with the spirits, however this is usually put down to a child’s imagination. As we grow up, unless we happen to come from a family or community who openly believe in and take part in spiritual and psychic practices, our psychic intuition begins to fade and sometimes even completely disappear.

Most people however, still have psychic experiences without even realising it. Most of us have experienced the spooky feeling of knowing who is at the door, or on the other end of the phone, before we answered it. Maybe you’ve even instinctively picked up your phone before it even rang? These are signs of your psychic intuition still working, even if you are not actively using it, or possibly if you’ve even tried to bury it.

Déjà vu is another common psychic experience that many people have, and tend to dismiss. Déjà vu comes from the French for ‘already seen’, and occurs when you are doing something or seeing something that you suddenly feel you have done or seen before. It is usually a fleeting experience, but some people are able to extend the process and even predict what will happen next. It is believed by many that Déjà vu is our souls remembering another life, which could explain why it is another experience more commonly had by children, as they are thought to be able to remember their past lives more clearly.

Nurture Your Natural Psychic Abilities

If you believe that you have a psychic intuition, but aren’t sure how to reconnect with your sixth sense and put it into practice, there are ways that you can start to develop your natural abilities into useful psychic skills.  

  • Try to trigger the psychic experiences you have deliberately. If you find yourself using your intuition sporadically without initially realising it, try to spot a pattern in the events when it does happen, then try and put it into practice on purpose. If the phone rings, focus on who you think it could be. If you experience Déjà vu, try to focus on what you are experiencing and extend it for as long as possible.
  • Lucid dreams are another telltale sign of hidden psychic abilities; many people are able to become aware that what they are experiencing in their dream isn’t real. Even if you have never experienced lucid dreams before, you can learn to have them now. There are many ways to train yourself to experience lucid dreams; keep a dream diary, or get into the habit of making yourself check that you are awake throughout the day, as this will eventually spill into your dreams, and you will be able to make yourself aware that you are not experiencing real events. Training yourself to have lucid dreams is a good way to open your mind and nurture your psychic abilities.

  • Practice meditation. Meditation is a spiritual practice that is brilliant for opening and focusing the mind. If you practice meditation for even just ten minutes a day, you are giving yourself the chance to escape the constant activity of everyday life, and allow your mind to focus on more spiritual things, and tune into your intuition.
  • Speak to a psychic. If you are unsure on whether you’re actually experiencing psychic intuition, or how to develop it, there is nobody better to speak to than somebody who has years of their own experience in the field. A psychic will be able to not only tell if what you think is happening is real; they will also be able to give you advice on how to exercise and nurture your gifts. 


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