Psychic Protection

Banish negativity and protect yourself when meditating with these visualizations

When delving into the wonderful world of spirituality, one key aspect that's often overlooked is 'psychic protection'. This simply means protection from negativity. Everyday you are exposed to potentially harmful negative energies in the form of the emotions, words and actions of other people. For example: you may witness anger; you may be the subject of jealousy; someone may be judgmental towards you. The negativity can also come from your own worries: you may feel stressed about a situation at work or you may feel fearful about your finances. All of these situations can transmit negativity. Practicing psychic protection will help you to repel these everyday negative energies and keep you protected and positive.
The second reason for practicing psychic protection is to keep safe during spiritual practices, such as meditation. Exploring your spirituality should be a positive journey, but when you meditate or perform other spiritual practices, such as rituals, you are opening yourself up, psychically. While this opens communication to heavenly beings, like angels and to your higher self; it could also expose you to lower energies. Putting up a protective psychic barrier prevents negative forces from impacting upon you.

Banish Negativity

Crystals are powerful protectors. Carry one of the following in your pocket for psychic protection: black obsidian, citrine, carnelian, tiger's eye, or kyanite.
Crossing your arms in front of you shields your solar plexus chakra, which can make you feel protected.
Take three deep breaths, holding each for a couple of seconds. This is said to expand your aura, cushioning you from harm.
Water absorbs negativity. So a shower after a difficult day can ensure you are psychically cleansed as well a physically clean. Imagine the water making negativity flow away from you and down the plughole.
If a shower is impractical but you are in need of a quick negativity purge, wash your hands in cold water for a few minutes. Again, visualise the bad energy being rinsed away.

Try this...
Psychic protection is an energy that wraps around you to block out negativity. Choose one of the following techniques to psychically protect yourself. Practice the method once a day until you are confident you have mastered it. Then you can top up your protection once a week, or 'switch it on' whenever you feel negativity around.
You should always perform the circle of protection, the energy wrap or the burning flame technique before beginning any psychic work, meditation or spiritual practice.

Grounding Visualisation
This is a quick solution for times when you are feeling emotionally or psychically wobbly. It will immediately make you feel more stable and better equipped to deal with negativity.
1) Sit or stand with both feet flat on the floor. Take your shoes off, if practical.
2) Imagine a thin silver cord running from your solar plexus (your navel) into the earth.
3) Keep the image in your mind for a few minutes. Feel the connection between yourself and Mother Earth. You are grounded, firmly rooted to the earth. You feel balanced and strong.

Circle of Protection
A circle or shield of protection is perhaps the easiest psychic protection technique to try. This is a globe of white light energy that encircles you, acting as a barrier against negativity. This is the best choice for protection before meditating.
1) Visualise a ball of glowing white light around you. It doesn't have to be a perfect circle - an oval is a good shape, too.
2) Imagine the light as solid and bright, extending five inches away from your body all the way around.
3) See this protecting light growing thicker around you. Know that it will protect you. No negativity can penetrate through the light.
4) Hold your visualisation for a few minutes. Practice it at the beginning of each day, and before any psychic work, or if you feel threatened.
Energy Wrap
This is a more focused version of psychic protection.
1) Imagine a glowing ball of white light over the top of your head (your crown chakra).
2) Focus on the ball and make it glow even more intensely.
3) Visualise a ribbon of light coming out of this glowing ball.
4) Imagine the ribbon of light wrapping around your whole body. The wrapping is not tight - leave about a three inch gap between the ribbon and your physical form.
5) See the ribbon of light wrapping around your head, including the crown. It covers your arms, torso, hips, legs, finishing underneath your feet.
6) Now you are completely wrapped in a blanket of protective light. Continue to visualise the light wrap for a few moments.

The Burning Flame
For times of intense stress and negativity try this method for burning away bad energies.
1) Stand straight with your feet together and your arms flat against each side.
2) Focus your intent on the centre of your being at your solar plexus chakra. Feel strong and centered at your core. Push your consciousness and the will to be protected into this centre of yourself. Feeling it grow in strength.
3) Then, let your will and consciousness erupt outwards in a explosion of pressure. See your will and consciousness expand around you and burst into a blue flame.
4) The blue flame surrounds you from crown to soles of the feet but it does not burn you; it protects you.
5) The blue flame does not harm you but it will incinerate any negativity around you before it can reach you. Imagine the flame intensifying with every out breath you take. Keep the flame in your mind as you tackle difficult situations.


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