What Type of Psychic am I?

Whether you’ve experienced messages from the other side your whole life or are only starting to discover your connection with the spirit world as an adult, psychic abilities can really help you move through life with confidence and strength.

The world of the spirits is one that runs very deep - there are so many different practices, skills and ways of communicating with the world that extends beyond our five senses. Whether you’ve experienced messages from the other side your whole life or are only starting to discover your connection with the spirit world as an adult, psychic abilities can really help you move through life with confidence and strength.

Many experts in the psychic community share the belief that almost everyone has psychic abilities to some extent or another, but what you might not know is that there are many different types of psychics out there, and that many of us have a natural affinity for a certain style of psychic connection. At Psychic Sofa, we have a range of psychic readers on our lines who carry out trusted psychic readings in several different disciplines, including clairvoyants, mediums and Tarot card readers, to name just a few! Each will be able to give you a different perspective, and you may find that a certain type of reading suits you much better than another. To get in touch, please call 09057897752 (calls cost 80p per minute plus your network access charge) or 01618640152.

In this post, we’ll help you find out a little more about the different types of psychic readings that are available, and which you might be best suited to!

Different Types of Psychic Ability - What Type of Psychic are You?

There are many different forms of psychic ability, and some are more common than others:

Psychic Ability

The most common form of psychic ability is the idea of a “6th sense”. Almost everyone is considered to be psychic to some degree, though you may be naturally more or less in tune with your spiritual gifts. If you often have vivid dreams, regularly get a sense of “deja vu”, find yourself taking on other people’s emotions very easily, or simply have a very strong sense of intuition, that may be your psychic abilities shining through!

Most people will only ever experience their psychic abilities through a “gut feeling”, though some people have reported experiencing a physical “pull” that calls them to or from a certain person, place or situation.

Signs of being psychic can include:

  • Very strong gut feelings that are proven to be correct.
  • Somehow knowing things you couldn’t possibly know - such as who is calling before you pick up, a friend’s big news before they’ve been able to tell you, or important events in the past relating to people you’ve only just met!
  • Being exceptionally empathetic, to the point where others’ emotions can affect you just as strongly as events in your own life.
  • Having intense dreams that turn out to relate to your waking life - for example, dreaming about finding a lost object, for it to actually be in that place the next day, or dreaming about someone you haven’t spoken to for a while, only for them to call in the morning!


Clairvoyance is another more common psychic ability, though when honed and practised, can be an incredible gift. The vast majority of people will never experiment with their own clairvoyance, let alone practice it to the level that our psychic readers do. Clairvoyance can be an exceptional tool to help you both understand your past, reconcile your present and look ahead to the future with confidence.

Clairvoyance, or “clear sight”, is when you are able to see or feel the past, present and future through tangible signals. These sensations can come in the form of visions, or seeing things that aren’t there, which is what is known as classic Clairvoyance. However, under the umbrella of clairvoyance are lots of other and closely related abilities, including clairaudience (clear hearing), claircognizance (clear knowing) and clairtangence (clear touch). This means that many clairvoyants might not just “see” signals from the spirit world, but instead encounter them through their other senses.

Signs of being clairvoyant can include:

  • Feeling sudden changes in your mood, or goosebumps for no apparent reason when encountering a new person, place or object.
  • Seeing flashes, sparkles or colours in the corners of your eyes in a new place, or when emotions are running high.
  • Seeing, feeling or hearing signs that tell you when someone is lying.
  • Having visions related to a person, place or object.
  • Seeing “auras” around people.
  • Receiving tangible information or messages from the spirit world in the form of sounds, smells, emotions, or feeling textures when connecting with a certain person, place or object.

Psychic Mediumship

Psychic mediums have a unique and incredibly special skill - the ability to connect and communicate with individual spirits on the other side. Mediums and psychics are often grouped together in mainstream media, but this is actually quite misleading. While all mediums are psychic, not all psychics are mediums. Mediumship is a very intense and complex skill that most people will not be able to hone, even if they have very sharp and well-developed psychic abilities.

Some mediums have had their abilities since they were very young, while others develop their abilities later in life. Many mediums also report having an ancestor (usually a grandparent) who handed their gift down to them, though this isn’t the case for all mediums. Like all psychics, not all mediums are alike, and the way they speak to spirits and convey their messages will be different from one medium to the next. Some mediums report hearing a “funnel” of messages that they can tune into, while others have a personal spirit guide - a spirit they have a close connection with who can help them find a specific person or convey messages to and from spirits on the other side.

Signs of being a psychic medium can include:

  • Hearing voices, music or sounds that aren’t coming from your surroundings.
  • Feeling easily overwhelmed in places with bright lights, loud noises, large crowds or strong smells.
  • Feeling a presence with you in ancient buildings or in places with a lot of emotion in their history.
  • Seeing spirits, apparitions or having other paranormal experiences that you can’t explain.
  • Having an imaginary friend or remembering speaking to angels as a child.
  • Seeing, hearing or feeling impressions when meeting or speaking to someone who has lost a loved one, even if there is no way you could have known about their loss.

Numerology Readings, Angel Card Readings and Tarot Card Readings

While almost anyone can be at least a little psychic or clairvoyant, numerology readers are a bit of both! These psychic readers not only have excellent psychic intuition, but have studied and learned their disciplines for many years, with great intensity. For these kinds of readers, a strong psychic sense is combined with hard work, knowledge and learning within their specialism.

Numerology readers, for example, study numbers, codes and patterns that appear in all of our lives in order to understand more about you and your state of mind. Then, they use their intuition and psychic abilities to interpret these signs in a way that is tailored to you, your situation, your thoughts and your feelings, among other personal details.

Angel and Tarot card readers work in a similar way, feeding off your energy and the spiritual signs around you to give a personalised and accurate reading based on the symbolism of your chosen cards. The main differences between the two are their origins and purpose - Tarot Cards are based on the 15th-century deck showing the Major and Minor Arcana, while Angel Card decks represent different heavenly bodies and spirits. Tarot cards can also help you understand your past and present, while predicting your future, while Angel Cards offer you a representation of heavenly and spiritual guidance. If you have psychic abilities and an interest in these spiritual practices, you may want to learn more and see how you can apply your own psychic abilities.

Are There Ways to “Train” Your Psychic Abilities?

If you feel like any of these psychic types describe you, it might be something worth exploring! Our readers are able to give accurate and reliable online psychic readings, giving their callers confidence, reassurance and peace of mind through their readings.

If you’re interested in developing your own abilities, whether that’s to offer telephone psychic readings yourself, simply to help and guide friends and family, or just to help you feel more safe, secure and confident in your own life, get in touch with our readers! They can offer you help, guidance and advice on getting in touch with the most spiritual version of yourself, as well as giving insightful and accurate online psychic readings. Our readers are always happy to share their gifts and can give you helpful hints as well as telling you about their own psychic journeys, to help set you on the right path.

To find out more, please call our experienced and trusted psychic readers on 09057897752 (calls cost 80p per minute plus your network access charge) or on 01618640152.


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