Why Ghosts Aren't Spooky!

Most spirits aren't spooky spectres trying to make you shudder with fright. The majority of reported spirit contact is with departed loved ones who are seeking to comfort the living. Consulting a medium is the best way to understand your spirit message.

Why ghosts aren't spooky!
If your idea of departed souls are the ghouls of fright night horror movies, then the word 'ghost' is bound to send chills along your spine. In fact, according to mediums, departed spirits are much more likely to be trying to pass on a constructive message to you, rather than jumping out from behind the sofa to scare you.
What happens when we die is unknown, but most of the major spiritual traditions teach that the spirit lives on, existing in a different dimension, often called heaven or the afterlife.
The word 'ghost' has negative connotations so that's why most mediums refer to the souls they contact as 'people in spirit'. This is to take the fear factor away from the communications and to show their clients that, just because a relative has passed over, he or she still has the same personality quirks and concerns for those left behind.
What are ghosts?
Contrary to the idea of ghosts as terrifying entities, the most commonly reported encounters with the dead is that of deceased relatives trying to offer comfort by letting their loved ones know that they are happy and safe in the next world. People report experiencing visions of loved ones, either as apparitions or in dreams shortly after the person has passed away. Spirits of dead loved ones are also commonly encountered through mediums during readings. In both cases, the spirit is seeking to help its relative with a message.
Although unproven, some people think that the energy or essence of a person never dies but it passes on to another plane. This energy is the spirit or soul that can manifest itself as a ghostly form.
A deceased loved one may show him or herself to you in other ways. You may catch the scent of your loved one's favourite perfume, or keep hearing their favourite song on the radio, or keep seeing an object or an animal of which your deceased relative was particularly fond. These are all ghostly messages intended to show you that your loved one is still watching over you from the afterlife.
Types of ghosts
-A relative or a close friend who appears to try to comfort you after their death.
-A person attached to a particular place, who perhaps doesn't realise they have passed.
-A beloved pet who wants to remain close to you.
-You may glimpse your pet in areas of the home where it felt happy when it was living.
Psychics say that some buildings and objects can come with previous owners still attached! This is rarely a problem and goes unnoticed by those of us without psychic sight.
Sometimes residual impressions of energy may linger in a place where traumatic events took place. It is as if the heightened emotions remain. But this does not mean the place is haunted, just that it needs cleansing of the negative energy generated by past events. You can ask a medium or a clergy person to perform cleansing rituals in a place you own that feels as if it has negative energy. Or you can try a simple ritual yourself, see below.
Cleansing Ritual
If you move into a new home and want to be sure that all traces of the previous owners' energy is gone, or if the atmosphere at home feels heavy, try this ritual to energetically cleanse your home.
*Hold a piece of haematite or onyx in your hand. Stand in your living room with your feet shoulder-width apart. Close your eyes and say in your mind, 'I ask that I be grounded, kept close to mother earth.' Then, imagine a white light surrounding you, protecting you so no negative energy can get near you.
*Walk slowly through your home in every room, repeating in your head, ' I ask Archangel Metatron to cleanse my home of all negative energy. Let it be filled with pure and positive energy.'
*As you move from room to room, open the windows to allow old, stale energy to be cleared away and new energy to flow inside.
*Putting a small clear quartz crystal in the corner of each room will help the cleansing process.
Contacting Spirits
If you want to make contact with a departed loved one, the best way is to visit a reputable spiritual medium. Mediums are sensitive to energy and can pick up on the messages that spirits are trying to convey. Mediums can be a channel through which spirits can communicate.
Avoid using tools like the Ouija board yourself. In untrained hands this can give misleading results and leave you open to negativity.
You could try to communicate with a deceased loved one through meditation. Think of the person in question while you are meditating; let your mind wander over happy memories you shared together. Try to let your thoughts flow instead of controlling them. You might be surprised by what pops into your mind once you let go of your conscious thoughts and let your subconscious take over.


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