Psychic Articles

Is being psychic a blessing?

Some interesting information on psychic instinct ...

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Deja Vu And Past Lives

Ever felt as if you have been here before? Or been somewhere strangely familiar without being able to place it? ...

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Are you psychic?

Some information on psychic and spiritual abilities including guidance on how to tune into your own individual strengths ...

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What can I expect from a reading?

Some useful information about readings ...

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Twin Flames and Soul Mates

The difference between Twin Flames and Soul Mates ...

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Are you an Empath?

Empaths live to feel, to guide and to help and they are sometimes even recognised as “Earth Angels” ...

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Candle magic

The power of lighting a candle ...

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Spirit Guides and Chakras

Some refer to their guides as angels or “Guardian Angels” whereas others just believe that their guide is a part of themselves. ...

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