Thought for the day - The Moon

The Moon card - Attainment

When the Moon comes up in a reading we often panic because it looks gloomy and cautious. But the Moon, like the Sun is a powerful light in the sky and can be associated with attainment. If we take the Moon card in the Rider and Waites deck we see a dreamy looking Moon with mystical colours and two dogs staring up at it barking. But why are they barking? Are they barking out of fear? Or are they barking because they do not understand the Moon?

The Moon can be confusing as it is a symbol of our emotions and our cycles and also connect with intuition. When we experience the Moon card in a reading the card will more often than not reveal that we are going through a confusing time and we can not see the woods through the trees. But that’s ok, maybe we are not meant to at this point and very much like the dogs barking up at the Moon trying to understand why, perhaps try not to understand! In fact perhaps trying to understand why causes even more distress as some things are not meant to be understood immediately. Accepting that things are confusing may well be your best bet right now with the Moon, rather than trying to understand why things aren’t going the way you wanted them to.

There is nothing we can do about the Moon when it decides to comes out. Things certainly aren’t as clear as what they would normally be but sometimes that can be inspiring as it forces us to look into other places where we wouldn’t normally look, or seek information that we wouldn’t normally seek. It is mysterious and unclear but we don’t have to dwell on that, we can simply appreciate instead that the gloom before the dawn is surely a sign that things are about to become a lot brighter than what we anticipated!

“The moon, like a flower

In heaven's high bower,

With silent delight

Sits and smiles on the night.”

William Blake


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