A fresh and exciting new start - Spring Equinox

The season of change - some news about planetary shifts

Spring is the time for renewal, planting new seeds, starting new projects and feeling the general lightness in air around us. This is a time where worms begin to wriggle their way up to earth again, leaves start to ripen, green starts to dominate, flowers begin to bloom and gentle noises such as tiny animal sounds begin to reawaken our souls, bringing us back to the land of the living after deep hibernation.
Have you noticed the first signs of spring? Although the weather has been bitterly cold believe it or not spring is about to arrive on our doorsteps! Spring is the time where equal light and dark begin to form, as we catch a blaze of the early morning sunlight through our windows as birds twitter away. Finally we have colour! You can’t help but admire the luscious yellow glow of the daffodils that greet us on our way to work. All flowers are blooming!

This positive energy is going to start on 20th
 March when the Sun moves into the masculine sign of Aries! Aries is a go getter, a real dare devil and this is just what we need after sitting around in what could be described as a sea of smog after the stellium of planets that we all experienced in Pisces along with a New Moon.

Because Mercury has been retrograde also we may have experienced some delays and frustrations, our general sensations will have no doubt been heightened adding a touch of drama. However, Aries is now here to act as our saviour as we begin to assert ourselves, and the best news of all is that Mercury is finally beginning to station and will go direct on 17th March making it perfectly ok for everyone to go ahead and dive into their plans and start new projects!
Because Mercury retrograde takes us back down memory lane some of us may have found ourselves in sticky situations with ex partners, we may have even encountered break ups or job discrepancies but now most of the drama is over we can start thinking about taking action as not only is the Sun in Aries but also Mars! The natural ruler of Aries – very comfortable indeed. Now if you thought that was enough, he will also be doubling up the action with Venus.

This rather boyish combination will set our minds alight. Be warned that testosterone levels could rise here and we will merely want to focus on ourselves. Venus in Aries is a peculiar placement, as Venus is feminine, gentle, loving and desirable whereas Aries is utterly masculine and wants action and sometimes even war! So here we have the stereotypical male and female combination where relationships could either become heated, flammable and destructive or harmonious, lustful and passionate. This is all about finding balance.
Now, you would think we would be able to find it when a Full Moon occurs on Wednesday March 27th
 in Libra. Usually we could! As Libra is about balance, fairness and most of all love and beauty but this time round the Full Moon is going to have an added touch of spice to it! It will certainly be the right time to tie up loose ends or separate ourselves from the things we feel we no longer need. This is because there will be an extra cause of action or impulsiveness. Because Libra is a cardinal sign it will make a connection to both Venus which is in Aries (Cardinal) and also Uranus/Mars which again are in Aries. This will form a sandwich with the Moon in the middle of the equation desperately fighting for peace but failing miserably. So don’t be surprised if you find yourself fighting aimlessly at a cul-de-sac.

But the good news is, we have warning here! And time to prepare ourselves! Then on March 28th the Moon moves completely out of the picture altogether allowing us to dust ourselves down and breathe again. However, our planet of intensity, Pluto moves in which is currently in Capricorn (also a Cardinal sign) so this will then form a square with the Sun, Venus, Uranus and Mars! And this is really asking people to get to the bottom of their problems to do with love, action and changes that need to be bought up to the surface.

This can be a positive transformation, as if you thought that you were being held back due to the retrograde of Mercury, the combination of these aspects will certainly speed things up! This could leave you feeling exhilarated or over burdened with quick, fast paced changes. But remember that change is needed so that we can start to enjoy what the rest of the year brings! Looking forwards to the lighter evenings and the summer chirps with joyous glasses of wine and friends!
Enjoy the light
With love and light x x x x x x



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